Tsem Rinpoche

“That’s my life but that’s never going to stop me from benefitting others” H.E. the 25th Tsem Tulku Rinpoche (“Rinpoche”).

Fulfilling his previous lives’ prayers, Rinpoche chose to take rebirth amongst difficult circumstances to be close to those who would need him most. He has experienced the challenges of exile, broken homes, abuse, and continuous, violent attempts at denying him of his one love – the Dharma – with unshakeable faith and persistence. Rinpoche has emerged as the radiantly inspiring spiritual teacher and friend we know today.

Recognised by H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama as the reincarnation of the 72nd Abbot of Gaden Shartse, Gedun Nyedrak, Rinpoche’s spiritual lineage actually begins as one of the eight main disciples of Je Tsongkhapa, the founder saint of the Gelugpa school of Tibetan Buddhism.

Rinpoche has studied under many esteemed Gurus, including H.H. Kyabje Zong Rinpoche, H.H. Kyabje Ling Rinpoche and H.E. Lati Rinpoche. With a Mongolian-Tibetan heritage, a childhood in Taiwan & America, and intensive study in Gaden Monastery, H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche is one of the rare, precious teachers with the unique teaching ability to bridge East and West.

Sacrificing his personal longing for a life spent in meditational retreat, Rinpoche has been teaching in South East Asia since 1992, fulfilling the wishes of his Gurus H.E. Lati Rinpoche and H.E. Kensur Jampa Yeshe Rinpoche. Great benefit has been predicted for this region, through his Dharma activities. Witnessing Rinpoche’s electrif-ying power of speech, his inexorable knowledge and wisdom, and his enthusiastic compassionate involvement with his ever-growing number of students and friends, this is not hard to believe.

Never losing or diluting the profound essence of the Buddha’s timeless wisdom, Rinpoche has a wonderful gift of presenting the ancient teachings in ways accessible and relevant to us inhabitants of the 21st century’s global village. Basing his Dharma sessions on logic and shared human values renders his message universal, free of the limitations of dogma, culture and individual background. Rinpoche’s brilliance of mind arouses our interest to explore with him the human condition in a deeper way, and his great kindness, generosity and enthusiasm are contagious and awaken in many the wish to study, contemplate and meditate on the sacred Buddha’s teachings.

In the tradition of the great Mahasiddhas, Rinpoche helps and guides us by whatever means will be most beneficial.  He cares only about our ultimate liberation. Rinpoche does not differentiate between formal Dharma and everyday life.  He is a master at using contemporary methods to transmit the essence of the teachings.  Rinpoche is recognised as a real-life Bodhisattva by his teachers and students alike.

Rinpoche is the founder and spiritual guide of the KECHARA organization and Tsem Rinpoche Foundation Inc. in USA.

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