Project Highlights

Whilst our earliest programs started with food distribution and student sponsorships, we have since taken up new projects in line with our vision and mission.

Based on our field observations, we identified a number of needs crucial to bring about better lives for those we seek to help. Chief among these are the needs to facilitate more effective learning processes and employment opportunities, which can make a world of difference. For instance, people with eyesight difficulties can scarcely realize their true potential in education or employment; without the proper clothes, someone might face prejudices when applying for a job. These are the needful things for people to get by.

Prompted by these, we embarked on new projects such as providing free eye tests and ocular glasses, renovations of public parks and kindergartens, stationery distribution, school uniform distribution, secondhand clothes distribution and others.

We also hold various fundraising events such as, sponsored marathons and a number of mountain hikes on Mt. Peclet in France, Mt Semeru in East Java, Mt Rinjani in Lombok and Mt Agung in Bali, flea markets, etc. Our fundraisers are organized periodically to sustain our charity programs to better effect.


For further information on our Food Distribution Program or if you wish to take part in it, please contact us at or by telephone at +62 21 536 0966 or our hotline at +628111016555 during office hours.

  • Mass vaccination program July 2013

    kompilasiIn July 2013, we executed tyhoid mass vaccination program where we sponsored typhoid vaccination for 30 people. The vaccination itself were executed on 15 and 18 July 2013. This activity went on smoothly with the help of Dr. Siswadji Ganardi. 562 total views, no views today
  • The Challenge of climbing Semeru Mountain

    Tantangan pendakian Gunung Semeru 3Menjalankan tantangan untuk tujuan baik – Kechara Indonesia di Gunung Semeru Latar belakang Pada bulan Februari 2013 yang lalu, sekelompok sukarelawan yang berkomitmen dari Kechara Indonesia memutuskan untuk mengambil tantangan mendaki puncak tertinggi di pulau Jawa (3,676, mdpl) untuk menunjukan komitmen kami terhadap tujuan dan mengumpulkan dana yang dibutuhkan untuk mendukung berbagai aktivitas amal kami yang termasuk ...
  • Fundraising Challenge Kechara Indonesia: Conquered Mountain Sumeru

    Tantangan Pengumpulan Dana Kechara Indonesia Menaklukan Gunung Sumeru 14When someone takes on a challenging physical activities (e.g., Marathon, mountain climbing) to raise fund for a cause, that person showed his or her commitment to his/ her cause and inspire his/ her friends to donate to the cause he/ she is believe in. For this purpose, five volunteers of Kechara Indonesia will take on a ...
  • Medical Sponsorship

    buminah_dan_ahmadThis period also revealed many opportunities for medical sponsorship: Ms. Minah’s high blood pressure, Mr. Dani’s motor cycle accident, Mr. Ahmad Saefudin’s typhoid, and Ms. Minah’s baby’s fever. We are happy to be able to provide timely help to our clients. 584 total views, no views today

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