Our Mission

Yayasan Kechara Indonesia (YKI)  – Student Sponsorship Initiative is a major program at Yayasan Kechara Indonesia.

It was launched – following feedback from — our food recipients about their needs. Under the scheme, we sponsor Indonesian students from families that are struggling to pay for their children’s higher education. .

Our mission is to provide  financial assistance for -students from less fortunate families to enable them to pursue higher education, which we believe to be  pivotal in – their efforts to better themselves and escape poverty. We believe that access to education will  place them in a better position to change – their lives.

The Student Sponsorship Program strives to address the root cause of poverty and provide practical and sustainable solution towards improving the standard of living and overall well-being.

In this we are inspired by H.E. the 25th Tsem Tulku Rinpoche’s amazing journey to pursue his Dharma aspiration. After travelling from New Jersey to Los Angeles, USA as a homeless person to pursue – Dharma -, Rinpoche was required to finish his GED before he could find work to support himself.

For further information, please  contact us at or by telephone at +62 21 536 0966 or our hotline number +628111016555 during office hours.

  • Impression and Message From Student Who Have Sponsorship Program 2015

    wendaThe three new students joining Yayasan Kechara Indonesia’s scholarship program. In the beginning of April 2015, Kechara Indonesia together with KPMG funded three new scholarships: Ari Endang Pratama (SMK Muhamadiyah III), ...
  • Impressions and Message Student Who Received Sponsorship 2014

    larasatiAfter receiving the happy news of our student’s graduation back in July, we have accepted new recipients for our scholarships, they are: Hera Apriyani, Lisda Nurfitriani, Larasati, M. Firmansyah, M. ...
  • Impression and Message Student who Graduated 2014

    humaerohNur Humaeroh School: SMK Said Naum Impression : Thank you to Kechara Indonesia Foundation (Yayasan Kechara Indonesia) who has helped in funding my education, so that I am able to complete my ...
  • Latest News Of Students Have Graduated

    arifinStudent sponsorship program is one of our earliest programs. As at now, there have been 37 students who have graduated with our support and are now employed in various jobs. Examples ...

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