Work and Play Bocome One

Bekerja dan Bermain Menjadi Satu 1

Whether we are working in a place for the next one year, 10 years or 100 years isn’t the issue. The issue is while we are working there, we should treat everyone and our work as if we are going to be there for a hundred years. Why? Because wherever we work, we are working with other PEOPLE. People have feelings, impressions; they can be happy and they can be hurt. Hence when we are working there, we should never think, “These people don’t matter, I am just here for a short time so it doesn’t matter what they think.” Continue reading…

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Do Self Satisfaction Is Bad

Apakah Kepuasan Diri itu Buruk

Self-gratification is not bad; it depends on the amount we pursue and the results of pursuing it. Some of our self-gratification can result in benefit. For example, someone might be extremely interested in art; he loves to paint and has spent the last ten years locked up in his room, eating one piece of bread a day and painting, at the expense of his health and friends. He doesn’t have anything else. Then, suddenly, he might connect with an organisation that asks him to paint for them. His paintings might become a huge success and raise a lot of money for a good cause such as research for curing cancer. That is wonderful. Continue reading…

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10 Steps to Happiness

10 Steps to Happiness1

Whenever we come across something comfortable, run.


Once we become used to living or thinking in a particular pattern, we have established our comfort zone. The problem is with having a comfort zone is that it leads to complacency. Such a feel-good factor prevents us from being adventurous and striving to do more, or prevents us from realising our fullest potential. Continue reading…

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Bangun untuk satu hari baru

The following is a compilation of messages composed by His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche on Twitter.
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How you think when you wake up today determines the karma you open today.

You shouldn’t be afraid of any situation. Everything encountered is due to the fact we created the causes. No one is to be blamed. Being overly scared is ego. Being overly happy is ego. Ego makes us extreme and we suffer. Being neither is nirvana. Samsara doesn’t make you suffer; it is you contributing to samsara that makes you suffer. Inner renunciation is the key.

Blaming others means you don’t accept karma which is fundamental to advancing in one’s practice.

If you accept karma completely, you will take full responsibility for your life. Then anger and blame lessens dramatically. Continue reading…

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Our daily bread

His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche strongly supports causes that are close to his heart. Rinpoche blogged about the need to go Vegetarian and many hours have been spent preparing the content to promote this way of life. Rinpoche shared with us 50 vegetarian and vegan recipes mostly with videos to help anyone who wants to start eating compassionately and spiritually. Videos about how badly animals are treated and killed are also featured on Rinpoche’s blog to create the awareness that every time we order meat as a meal, a sentient being has to suffer for our taste buds.

Never underestimate every sentient being in existence; be kind to them and don’t use them. As a monk, I am sharing this with you. It is better to not eat meat. There is no reason to eat meat. Just save animals in this day and age. If you don’t kill animals to eat, then don’t let others take on the karma to kill for you so you can eat. You buy meat, you allow the killing.

But if you don’t kill animals, then don’t eat them.

I hate hunting, hate killingÖbut love meat, because I DON’T KILL THE ANIMALS, so there is no negative’s okay others kill for me!?!

How can you chant Om Mani Peme Hung on one hand and on the other hand eat slaughtered flesh? Don’t eat animals.

Buddha may have deemed it impractical, but environment and circumstances change. We have so much more variety of food than before. In the Theravadan tradition, Buddha never insisted, but Buddha eats meat and it benefits the dead animal. When we eat meat, it’s not the same.

Being spiritual means taking on harm and damage onto oneself. With that attitude then we can gain attainments. So don’t eat animals. Ultimately I wouldn’t mind letting my body degenerate somewhat if it would help animals by not eating them. Om Mani Peme Hung. Yes, it is healthy to be vegans. Over 800 hundred million people in India alone are pure vegetarian and they are fine.

If you can’t even stand a pin pricking you, how can you eat animals that were butchered? Go vegetarian and make less animals suffer due to our taste buds. Even in eating, we should be spiritual.

Here are some videos showing the harm towards animals caused by meat-eating:

Important Animal Videos- Must Watch!!

Dog meat trade

Those of you who wish to commit to vegetarianism for one day, one month, one year or forever, please contact my PAs Beng Kooi or Jean Ai. Let me know. I will offer a ‘butterlamp’, incense and include you in my pujas of that day for your wishes. I wish to offer pujas and prayers that day for the person who submits any form of commitment toward vegetarianism. It would be my honour to do prayers for that person(s) on that day.

Tsem Tulku



Peraturan dan Persetujuan Terjemahan 

Terjemahan ini adalah hasil pekerjaan dari penerjemah pihak ketiga di luar organisasi Kechara. Apabila terjadi salah paham terhadap pengertian dari materi versi bahasa Indonesia, versi bahasa Inggris akan dianggap sebagai versi yang lebih akurat. Walaupun setiap upaya telah dilakukan untuk memeriksa akurasi dari hasil terjemahan ini, kemungkinan terjadi kesalahan tetap ada. Semua pihak yang menggunakan informasi yang didapat dari artikel ini, melakukan hal tersebut dengan resiko pribadi.

© Hak cipta dari artikel ini dipegang oleh Tsem Tulku Rinpoche. Artikel ini bisa di – download, dicetak, dan gandakan hanya untuk kepentingan pribadi atau kegiatan belajar – mengajar. Kegiatan men-download, menggandakan, tidak boleh dilakukan untuk kepentingan komersial atau untuk mewakili kepentingan perusahaan komersial tanpa ijin eksplisit dari Tsem Tulku Rinpoche. Untuk kepentingan seperti ini, harap menghubungi Ooi Beng Kooi atau Phng Li Kim dari Kechara Media and Publication.

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“With all this kindness shown towards us while growing up, we must remember them, again and again.”

For approximately nine months, our mothers bear incredible difficulties to carry us in her. She has to endure morning sickness, dizziness, cramps, weight gain, and movement difficulties. Even in eating she has to be especially careful in her diet for her baby.

“With all this kindness shown towards us while growing up, we must remember them, again and again.”

For approximately nine months, our mothers bear incredible difficulties to carry us in her. She has to endure morning sickness, dizziness, cramps, weight gain, and movement difficulties. Even in eating she has to be especially careful in her diet for her baSomething as simple as sleeping becomes troublesome, as she cannot sleep in her usual positions for fear of creating discomfort to the baby. If she has a career, she’ll have to work and carry the extra burden of having a child in her. If she cannot, then she’ll have to take leave or resign from her job. Her personal freedom of movement, time, career and social activities are totally sacrificed. Continue reading…

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Blame and comfort zone

The following is a compilation of messages composed by His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche on Twitter.

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The Blaming Zone

Blaming others is denial of karma. Stop, remain quiet and take responsibility already if you want to move on. Denial is another form of the selfish mind saying you want others to pretend with you.

Blaming others without doing anything about yourself is just another procrastination tactic. Stop. I can be more if everyone else does it for me. It doesn’t make sense that way.

Suffering only stops when you realise nothing is real. When we think dying is easier than living, we are innately looking for a shortcut that doesn’t exist. Instead, we should engage in serious tantric practice to counter degenerate times. Continue reading…

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Avoid bad behavior , reincarnation and karma

December 31, 1997

(A teaching given in 1997 at Losang Drakpa, Kuala Lumpur)

…pivotal point or very important point that we covered yesterday so because it is pivotal or very important so I thought I will go over it with you today for a few minutes as a refresher and so that the new faces can understand, and since tomorrow is New Year and many people have engagements and could not have made it. In this case, today is very auspicious because we start off the New Year Eve with Dharma and also tomorrow we start off the Dharma again. So never before in our previous years or in our previous lives we have such an auspicious occasion where we can start off such an auspicious time with the holy teachings of the Dharma.

So one should rejoice that at this time one is not frivolously wasting time or going out or doing things that one has normally done which does not bring one, happiness in this life or in previous lives. But this time, one has sacrificed, one has given up, one has made the effort to come to the holy Dharma. This is in itself quite an auspicious event and at the time when the old year is finishing it is auspicious in the sense that we give up our old habits and our old ways of negative type acting and we are starting the New Year with Dharma on a new basis and a new motivation and a new kind of transformation, a new type of life. So it is very, very auspicious.

Today I do extensive prayers and request the masters of the lineage all the way back to the Buddha to give their holy presence here so that we may be able to understand the Dharma, listen to the Dharma, concentrate on it, contemplate on it and therefore gain the holy result which is full enlightenment.

Again one should not listen to the Dharma with the faults of the three parts. One should not listen to the Dharma with low motivation. The three faulty parts are: the part that is facing down, the part that is facing up but dirty and the part that leaks. One who is listening to Dharma with the part facing down is like someone who comes with a closed mind. So when the part is down even though it is raining hard, no water can be collected inside. The second part which is facing up and collecting the water but it is contaminated. Even if we put the cleanest and best, to put in the part to eat or whatever, it will be contaminated although the item is good. In this example, it is coming to the Dharma with wrong motivation. It is coming to listen to the Dharma to pass time, to listen to the Dharma because you are bored. In order to listen to the Dharma, in order to get wealthy, to get young, to get beautiful, to just simply to have a good life. That is listening to the Dharma with a faulty part, that in the part that is contaminated with a faulty motivation. Then the third one is to have leaks and cracks. Whatever you listen to the Dharma you agree upon, you think it is excellent, you think it is wonderful, yet one does not practice. It enters one ear and leaves through the other. Continue reading…

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Overcome fear and depression

Who doesn’t have fears? Everyone does. The secret is we also have COURAGE. Focus on courage and the fear WILL DIMINISH for sure. FULFILLING PROMISES BUILDS INTEGRITY.

“I can’t fly but I can take an airplane. I’m not omniscient, BUT I WILL TRY THE BEST I CAN AND GET IT DONE.”

My world crashed down in my teens, MY GURU H.H. ZONG RINPOCHE PASSED AWAY. I was in L.A. but I honoured my promises to Him anyways. Honouring my promises to Kyabje Zong Rinpoche literally took my life in another direction – from Los Angeles to Gaden in India. And I’m glad I did it. Continue reading…

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Just do

The following is a compilation of messages composed by His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche on Twitter.

Follow Rinpoche on Twitter to receive these and more… LIVE!

Dear Everyone,

I admire, respect and feel close to people who don’t take NO for answer and rise above their fears, selfishness, and their poor me attitude. Maybe it’s because I had to go through so much and had no one to listen to my poor me stories and just had to make it…

In life, never make the same mistakes more than twice. Don’t blame others because that makes karma not exist… and it does exist. It’s your enemy and also your friend. Continue reading…

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