Opening Ceremony Office of Kechara-In-Motion (KIM)

Last Wednesday, Kechara In Motion (KIM) had their official opening! Another one of Kechara’s 13 depts has their own premises!!! Finally after two years, KIM has their very own premises near our Kechara Gompa is Sunway Mas. I am very proud of Ms Han. In the Liaisons meeting around two months ago, I requested her to make a KIM office manifest as the KIM team was working out of the LadrangÖwe love them at the Ladrang for sure, but it was time to get their own office for many good reasons. Ms Han promised she would and she did it!!! I repeat, I am proud of Ms Han, her team and this growing Dept!!

From 6pm, lots of friends started arriving at KIM to show their support. When they arrived, they thought that it would just be a normal gathering of friends..what they didn’t know what that there was a buffet spread of food in the KIM meeting room! Hehe The food was catered from Kechara Oasis and some friends brought along a few dishes to share as well. Continue reading…

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Kechara Saraswati Arts has been officially in open !

Kechara Saraswati Arts (KSA) had their official opening! Around 50 Guests started arriving around 7.30pm. There were some already there from volunteering in one of the many different activities KSA hasÖmost were there to roll mantras for the new statues for the new gompa!! Hehe

There were finger foods of curry puffs, yam cakes, fries noodles, cupcakes contributed by friends of KSA. Friends and volunteers of KSA are very supportive of the department that they volunteer in. Paul Yap (Liaison and Head of Kechara Saraswati Arts and Kechara Discovery) gave a brief history of KSA and also thanked sponsors for the renovation. Datuk May Phng and Martin Chow were especially thanked for donating RM10k and RM 20k respectively, and Mr Raymond Chu for sponsoring a fridge

On behalf of KSA, Paul Yap gave them each a fruit basket for their generosity.
After the speech, the guests (together with KSA staff) all did the Lama Chopa together, where Tat Ming umze. The Chinese Setrap puja group then came over from Kechara House 2 to do a puja. Guests expressed how much they enjoyed it! Continue reading…

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Kechara Oasis win awards HAPA

Although comparatively young next to the stalwarts of the Kuala Lumpur culinary scene, Kechara Oasis has received positive review after positive review. Their latest accolade is grabbing a spot in the Top 10 for Best Casual Dining Restaurant at the Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards 2010-2012 (HAPA)!

Established in 2002, the HAPA Awards is held on an annual basis, to support and recognise excellence within Asia’s evolving hospitality industry. Known as the Oscars of Hospitality, Malaysia and Singapore takes turn to host the event. This year it was in Malaysia! Held at Royale Chulan (which is at the heart of Kuala Lumpur city!), the proceeds from the tables bought went to Taman Megah’s Handicapped & Disabled Children’s Home.

The HAPA Awards committee prides itself on recognizing the crËme de la crËme of the hospitality industry at all levels. They recognize different establishments within the following categories: Department Awards, Restaurant Awards, Establishment Awards, Personalities Awards, Recognition Awards, Major Awards and Special Recognition & Major Awards. Continue reading…

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Kechara’s 13 Departments (Part2)

Part 2 – 7 Departements

Kechara House
Kechara Lounge
Kechara Soup Kitchen
Tsem Ladrang
Kechara Oasis
Kechara Paradise
Kechara World Peace Centre

Kechara House Department

Kechara House is the Dharma centre and the heart of the Kechara organisation. Kechara is named after the heaven of one of the highest tantric female Buddha Vajrayogini and is under the spiritual guidance of our dear Lama, H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche. Now while we may not actually be in Kechara Heaven right now, Rinpoche has established this wonderful centre for us to take that first step to get there.

The first link between our Spiritual Guide and Malaysia was made in 1992 when Rinpoche was sent to Malaysia by his monastery, Gaden Shartse, to raise funds through giving Dharma teachings. During his short visit to Malaysia, Rinpoche had already gathered a group of students in this region. After accomplishing his mission, he returned to Gaden Monastery in South India the following year.

Rinpocheís Malaysian students then began visiting him at Gaden and writing to him, requesting him to return to Malaysia to continue to teach. Out of his great kindness and in response to the many repeated requests he received, Rinpoche began to travel back and forth between Malaysia and India, teaching small groups in his studentsí houses and apartments. Continue reading…

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Rumah Kechara / Kechara House (Part 1)

A lot of new people who first visit Kechara or just heard about Kechara get quite confused about how many departments there areÖor where they can contribute and volunteer! hehe There are 13 departments in Kechara OrganizationÖall of them are extensions of my interests and I have seen them open and grow over the past few years.

A few of my students have written a very good summary of what each departments do, why they exist and have added a few relevant photos.. Have fun reading them!!

Tsem Tulku

Part 1: 6 Departments

Kechara Animal Sanctuary
Kechara Discovery
Kechara Care
Kechara Saraswati Arts
Kechara Media & Publications
Kechara InMotion Continue reading…

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