The Nine Attitudes of devotion to the Guru

The heart of the path

My compassionate Root Guru, most outstanding, even superior to all Buddhas! This disciple is supplicating to You; please bless me so that in all my lives I will take refuge with great reverence in Your Meritorious Holiness!

Fully understanding that abiding, in accordance with the Dharma, under the patronage of my compassionate Guru who is the root of all merits is the foundation of pure happiness, this disciple takes refuge in You with sincere reverence, and will not withdraw even at the cost of my life!

Contemplating over the importance of my meritorious Guru so as to yield complete control of myself over to my Guru’s guidance. Continue reading…

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50 of the Stanza Sutra Vevotion to the Guru

  1. Bowing in the proper way to the lotus feet of my Guru, who is the cause for me to attain the state of a glorious Vajrasattva, I shall condense and explain in brief what has been said in many stainless tantric texts about Guru-devotion. (Therefore) listen with respect.
  2. All the Buddhas of the past, present and future, residing in every land in the ten directions, have paid homage to the Tantric Masters from whom they have received the highest initiations. (Is there need to mention that you should too?)
  3. Three times each day, with supreme faith, you must show your respect to your Guru who teaches you (the tantric path), by pressing your palms together, offering a mandala as well as flowers and prostrating (touching) your head to his feet. Continue reading…

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