Helping Fire Victims in Petamburan

On Friday November 2015 20, there was a fire at RT. 12 RW. 08 Kelurahan Petamburan that consumed several houses. The fire occurred due to  electricity short circuit from an empty house. Since the area was densely populated, the fire spread fast and burnt 15 houses and made 135 people lost their houses and have to be evacuated to their neighbors’ or relatives’ houses.

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The fire accident happened in one of the location where Yayasan Kechara Indonesia (“YKI”) distributed food at Petamburan. Considering the situation, YKI decided to help the fire victims through disaster relief effort.

In order to help the victims, the community prepared a public kitchen for the victims, however, the public kitchen only last for three days after the fire.  Thus, YKI decided to distribute food for 3 days morning and night (totaling 810 packages) from Monday to Wednesday.  During the distribution, we received information that the children of the fire victims lost their school uniforms and stationeries.  Upon receiving this information, we decided to give school uniforms, shoes and stationeries to help these children.    Many of our friends volunteer to help by either financial donation or to give books and stationeries for the victims.kompilasi 2 kompilasi 3 kompilasi 4  kompilasi1

As we (YKI) promised to the community, we distributed the school uniforms and stationeries on Tuesday, 1 December 2015 at 7 PM.  We are happy to be able to help the fire victim.  We thank you all the sponsors and volunteers who have helped us so that we can continue to help and spread the good for others.

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Guess what valentina do ?

Tebak apa yang Valentina lakukan 1

The Kechara KPMG Park carved in stone.

Throughout this year, I have continuously received wonderful news from Valentina about Kechara Indonesia. One of them was that Kechara Indonesia, together with corporate sponsor KPMG Indonesia, created a community park for the locals in West Jarkarta! They also rebuilt a toilet for a nearby kindergarden, as the children had to previously use a toilet under a tent. How kind and thoughtful… Continue reading…

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Food distribution for Palmerah evictees

In September, there were evictions for those living along the Grogol river which is located in Palmerah district. Together with the local authorities, Kechara Indonesia gave out 2 days worth of rations, totaling around 600 food packages. One of Kechara Indonesia’s donors gave 30 packages containing 5 kg of rice. Continue reading…

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Awarding by Mayor

On the 17th August, we were invited to join the celebration for Indonesia’s Independence Day in the West Jakarta Mayor office. In this event, we were awarded the third place for social pillar in the ORSOS category in West Jakarta.

With this award, we are even more motivated to contribute even more to the society. Continue reading…

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West Jakarta NGO Competition

YayasanKechara Indonesia was invited to compete in West Jakarta NGO competition. In this competition, we represented Palmerah district and competed with NGOs from six districts in West Jakarta. The competition consisted of a visit from Social Ministry to Kechara Indonesia’s office and a presentation of our activities. At the end, we obtained 3rd placement in this competition. We also received an advice to extend our activities to West Jakarta and work with other social workers from the area. Thank you for the support that we received from our sponsors and volunteers. Otherwise, we would not have been able to obtain this achievement.

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Flood disaster relief program

We noted that some of our clients were hit hard 8 out of 10 RTs under the administration of RW 8 in Pertamburan were displaced by the flood and they temporarily stayed in the mosques and cooked in communal kitchen.

Within several hours we came back with a supply of clean water, diapers, rice, and instant noodles. I guess, the relationship that we have been building through our food distribution activities paid off in the time like this. Our disaster relief assistance were distributed peacefully with the help of RW 8.

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Used Clothes Distribution to Fire Victims

This month, we also give assistance in the form of used clothes that we have been gathering from friends to the recent fire victims in Karet Bivak area. One of out students, Listiani Dewi is one of the victims. She informed us that all her worldly belonging had been lost in fire.

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Shio Wei’s Challenge in Mt. Peclet, France

Our very own Kechara Indonesia committee, Hau Shio Wei undertook a challenge in climbing Mt. Peclet, France. This challege is purported to fund raise for Kechara Indonesia’s administrative need. During her training and climbing execution, Shio Wei has shown a lot of courage and determination. We are proud to be her friends.

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Distribution of used clothes

Several days prior to Chinese New Year, some friends donated used clothes to Kechara Indonesia. Kechara Indonesia distributed the used clothes to the homeless at Karet Bivak.

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