Free Medical Exam, Daily Needs and Stationaries Distribution at RW. 03 Kelurahan Kemanggisan Jakarta Barat

On January, 15 2016, Yayasan Kechara Indonesia together with Elizabeth Wahyu, Ricky Leon and friends do free medical exam for 100 people.

The free medical exam given to people who need and do not have health care benefit. The free medical exam done with bring three doctors for examine patient. Beside doing exam in one place, the doctor pay visits to patients who can not come to exam place.

After that, the patient will given medicine according to complaints and doctor’s diagnoses on the next day. The medical distribution run smoothly too.

Beside doing free medical exam, every patient were given daily needs. We distribute 100 stationaries packages for students too.

The activities runs well and we are helped by local officers.

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Vision For The Future 2016

Vision For The Future is a free eye examination and spectacle by Yayasan Kechara Indonesia (Kechara Indonesia). This program have been executed three times: Cipete (2013), Petamburan (2014), Kecamatan Palmerah (2015). Our main goal to assist children are still in school, to ease their studies.

This year supported by Hary Tanoesoedibjo Foundation were done eye examination for 250 people who live at Kecamatan Palmerah, they are from Kelurahan Jatipulo, Kelurahan Kota Bambu Utara, Kelurahan Kota Bambu Selatan, Kelurahan Slipi, Kelurahan Palmerah dan Kelurahan Kemanggisan. After the eye examination, there are 161 people identified ar needs spectacle. Minimum limits for get a spectacle are minus (-) 0,5 or plus (+) 0,5.

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Vision for the Future 4

For the 4th time, Yayasan Kechara Indonesia (“YKI”) executed eye exam event for the community to those who need it.  The target of this event is the community members in Kecamatan Palmerah, West Jakarta who needs it.  We invited 200 community members and 50 children brought by Soedarjo Foundation to participate in this eye exam.  The participant selection was performed by YKI and Dinas Sosial Kecamatan.  Jati Pulo Sub District has given the permission to use the Karang Taruna premise to execute this event.

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This activity is supported by HT Foundation , TGIF Care Group, and Soedarjo Foundation.  There were many TGIF Care Group members who volunteered their time to make this activity a success.

This activity was started with registration, snack distribution to the participants whose eyes would be examined.  After that, the participants were seated to wait for their turn to be examined with eye exam machine.  After the machine exam, the participants underwent manual eye exam to confirm the result from the machine.  For those whose eye only suffered minus 0.5, they will not qualify for new spectacles.

For those who qualified to get spectacles, they were asked to choose the frame and their choice will be registered by YKI.  YKI will then execute orders to the spectacle vendor.

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This activity was running smoothly.  We thank you and grateful for all the help that we support from all parties.

The estimated time for spectacle distribution is one month after the eye exam.  The distribution will be updated in this article.

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Vision for the future jakarta



Visi Untuk Masa Depan Jakarta 1

Ever since Kechara Indonesia (Yayasan Kechara Indonesia) was established in Jakarta by Valentina, I have been getting constant updates regarding their activities… and with each passing activity, their outreach to the community grows bigger! In their most recent community work for the people of Jakarta, YKI sponsored a total of 400 spectacles for the needy in Jakarta. Continue reading…

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Mass vaccination program July 2013

In July 2013, we executed tyhoid mass vaccination program where we sponsored typhoid vaccination for 30 people. The vaccination itself were executed on 15 and 18 July 2013. This activity went on smoothly with the help of Dr. Siswadji Ganardi.

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Medical Sponsorship

This period also revealed many opportunities for medical sponsorship: Ms. Minah’s high blood pressure, Mr. Dani’s motor cycle accident, Mr. Ahmad Saefudin’s typhoid, and Ms. Minah’s baby’s fever. We are happy to be able to provide timely help to our clients.

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Blood Donation

The Treasurer of Yayasan Kechara Indonesia, Imelda Elisabeth initiated a blood donation event together with his friends at the alumni of Santa Ursula. To support this event, Kechara Indonesia bring a few volunteers to donate their blood.

Thank you for all the support that we received so far.


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Two Boys with Hernia

In September 2012, we worked together with Yayasan Hayandra Peduli to provide surgery to two boys that were suffering from Hernia. The parents told us that these two boys always cried out in pain whenever they are tired or overwhelmed with activities. Since the surgeries were executed, these two boys are healthy and their previous problems are gone.


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Vitamin Distribution for Children

During the month of June 2012, we obtained a considerable amount of children vitamin for distribution. We distributed these vitamins to the orphanages, institutions for children with special needs, schools, and hospitals.

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Distribution of Deworming Medication and Vitamins

By the end of March 2012, KECHARA INDONESIA distributed 65 deworming medication and 27 Univit children vitamins to the children in Kober and Karet Bivak bridge.These deworming medication and vitamins are distributed to 92 children (3-6 years old).

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