Yayasan Kechara Indonesia (YKI) Fundraising Challenge 2016 – Mt. Kerinci


Mt. Kerinci

Dearest  Friends and Supporters

We have gone a long way since our first food distribution in 2010 by a handful selfless  individuals embracing the spirit of Hunger Knows No Barriers.

Six years later, the same selfless act still flourishes while the list activities of helping others has expanded. Today our regular and ad-hoc activities consist of:

  • Food distribution (weekly food distribution between 300 – 500 food packages)
  • Food bank program (dry food distribution for those who in need them)
  • Student sponsorship program (scholarship grants to students from primary school to university)
  • Aid for the needy of medical assistance include eye examination
  • Flood and fire disaster relief
  • Other projects (kindergarten renovation, stationary distribution, etc.)

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On 13 November 2015, Yayasan Kechara Indonesia (“YKI”) executed the green project at Kota Bambu Selatan.  This program is purported to provide positive activities to the community and to freshen up the area of RW 03 Kota Bambu Selatan.  The area can use improvement in fresh air and plants.

Previously, YKI has researched about what plants are suitable for RW 03 area and what should be prepared prior to this event.  We also learned how to do planting in the city from the instructor who have executed this program successfully in Cipete area, Mr. Kosim.

YKI also prepared the place for the plants from the materials that can be bought from building material shops such as water pipes and the bigger pipes for the plants.

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Kechara Indonesia Challange 2015, Climbing Mt. Agung in Bali

Kechara Indonesia voulenteer climbed Mt. Agung in Bali on 15-16th August 2015 to show their commitment to our charity work and fundraise for administrative and operational cosh.

The six voulenteer were Hau Shio Wei, Valentina Suhendra, Chee Hou, William Yong, Vincent Lim and Kyatmaja Lookman.They got up the peak of Mt. Agung which 3.142 meters from sea surface. This is the fourth mountains which Kechara Indonesia volunteers hike, after Mt. Peclet at France (2012), Mt. Semeru (2013), Mt. Rinjani (2014). We thank all volunteers who always support us in various ways. Al of they will be a motivation for us to keep our activities and share goodness for each other.

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Kechara Indonesia Challenge 2015 – Gunung Agung, Bali

Tantangan Kechara Indonesia 2015 – Gunung Agung, Bali 1

Kechara Indonesia volunteers plan to climb Mt. Agung in Bali on 15-17 August 2015 to show their commitment to our charity work and to fundraise for Kechara Indonesia administrative and operation cost.

The tradition of doing fundraising challenges is not something new to Kechara Indonesia. In year 2012, after two years of doing our charity work on personal basis, a group of us decided to formalize our activities into a non-profit institution that we know today as Yayasan Kechara Indonesia. Thus, in order to formalize this, Valentina Suhendra, took a loan from Kechara Board of Director (BOD) in Malaysia, in the amount of IDR 70 million, to meet the minimum regulatory requirement of bank balance of IDR 100 million to form a Yayasan and because of this, we were able to sign our Yayasan deed on 15 June 2012. Continue reading…

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Guess what we were doing on Rinjani mountain

Dear friends around the world,

Did you know I have a good friend and student Ms. Valentina who has worked through innumerable challenges to establish Kechara Soup Kitchen ( Yayasan Kechara Indonesia) in Jakarta, Indonesia?! Please read here of her and wonderful friends’ accomplishments for the sake of the needy. I must say I am very proud of Valentina and I find her to be a very kind, giving, generous and honorable person. She does what she promises and takes NOTHING for herself. Nothing at all. She is a very responsible person and a good leader because she leads by her integrity. I asked her for this write up about the brave and compassionate climbers. I thank the climbers for their great efforts and I am glad you are all safely home. You are all really caring people with others in mind.

Yayasan Kechara Indonesia (Kechara Indonesia Foundation) was established on 15 June 2012 in the presence of a Notary Public in Jakarta. It was then officially registered on October 17, 2012 by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Indonesia. Continue reading…

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The Challenge of climbing Semeru Mountain

Menjalankan tantangan untuk tujuan baik – Kechara Indonesia di Gunung Semeru

Latar belakang

Pada bulan Februari 2013 yang lalu, sekelompok sukarelawan yang berkomitmen dari Kechara Indonesia memutuskan untuk mengambil tantangan mendaki puncak tertinggi di pulau Jawa (3,676, mdpl) untuk menunjukan komitmen kami terhadap tujuan dan mengumpulkan dana yang dibutuhkan untuk mendukung berbagai aktivitas amal kami yang termasuk pembagian 400 paket makanan setiap minggunya, pendanaan 32 siswa/i dari berbagai sekolah (selain 18 yang sudah lulus di tahun sebelumnya), bantuan dana medis, program vaksinasi, dan bantuan bencana alam. Kami berencana untuk menguji batasan fisik masing-masing selama hal ini tidak membahayakan hidup kami.

Atas tantangan ini, donatur kami telah dengan murah hati mendukung kami dengan memberikan dana bagi tujuan kami. Continue reading…

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Fundraising Challenge Kechara Indonesia: Conquered Mountain Sumeru

When someone takes on a challenging physical activities (e.g., Marathon, mountain climbing) to raise fund for a cause, that person showed his or her commitment to his/ her cause and inspire his/ her friends to donate to the cause he/ she is believe in.

For this purpose, five volunteers of Kechara Indonesia will take on a fundraising challenge to climb mount Sumeru, 3,676 meter above sea level.

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