Impression and Message From Students Who Received Sponsorship 2013

Name: Mutia Kusdianti

School: SMP Muhammadiyah 6
Impression : I am really happy with this assistance, and I thank the sponsor very much for this assistance.
Message : This assistance really help me. Thank you to the sponsor

Name: Dinda

School : SDN 03
Impression : I am really happy with this assistance, because it can lighten the burden of my father and mother.
Message : I hope this assistance will continue and can help my other friends too

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Impression and Message From Hendra dan Deni

Impression : I am very happy for the assistance that I received from Kechara Indonesia to help pay for our tuition. Thank you for the assistance.
Message : I hope this assistance will continue without obstacle, I hope I can continue to college and achieve my dream.

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Students who graduate in school year July 2011- June 2012

Introduction :

This month, eight students under our student sponsorship program graduated. This is a happy occassion for all of us. It is very heartwarming to see them complete their education and move on with their lives. We met them first in various unfortunate circumstances, but they sure have gone beyond few obstacles in their lives. I am very proud of them. I hope these students will grow to become individuals with integrity, kind-hearted, and successful in whatever they pursue.

Siswa yang lulus pada tahun ajaran Juli 2011 – Juni 2012 1

Name: Nizar Winarsin Taswin

School: SMKN 19 Jakarta

Major: Sales


I am very grateful because I have received a lot of help when attending school until it is stated that I have graduated. I thank you God Almighty, both of my parents, Ms. Valentina, my sponsors and other people who have given me assistances, material or motivational supports, especially in overcoming my school administrative matters, as this has lighten my parents’ burden that have to send three of their children to school including me. Maybe without this financial assistance, I would not have been able to complete my education. Continue reading…

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Message and Impression Ferdi Yudiman

Pesan Kesan Ferdi Yudiman

Ferdi Yudiman

I am Ferdi Yudiman from MANGGALA vocational school, Ciledug. My impression is this school tuition financial assistance really helps me. In addition to reducing my parents’ burden, I can continue my study at school. Because to me school is a window of life that can change my family’s lives and my own, however, since education in Indonesia is still relatively expensive, I really need this [assistance] and [I] would like to say thank you for this help.

I hope in the future there will be more [students] who obtain similar assistance. Since there are many children in Indonesia who have to quit school due to financial issues. In addition, I hope those who gave this help will be given easy fortune by God.

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Message and Impression From New Student

Pesan Kesan Anak Asuh Baru 1

Fitrah Habibi

Hopefully in the future such assistance will continue and be extended to the other children who are less fortunate.

I am really grateful to the sponsor for this assistance. [I] hope you will be granted adequate prosperity. Continue reading…

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Ad Hoc Sponsorship Program

In the month of May – June 2011, YKI launched a program to provide ad hoc financial assistance for the selected students in need. We are happy that among these students who received our ad hoc assistance to help pay their amount overdue in their respective school, four of them have received pledged sponsorship until their graduation from vocational school.

The processes that we went through in relation to this program are as follows:

  • We obtained hints among our food packages recipients and other parties, such as teachers from SMKN19, about students who may need our assistance;
  • We interviewed the candidates and performed site visits to their homes;
  • Distributed the student data to our friends to check whether any of them are interested to sponsor these students
  • Upon raising adequate fund, we paid off the student candidates amount overdue at their respective school.
  • Provided the sponsor with the evidence of payment.

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Message and Impression

Pesan Kesan 1

Imas Handayani

Setelah saya lulus sari SMK BPS&K, saya merasa sangat senang bisa lulus dan bersyukur banget bisa sekolah sampai tamat. Banyak di luar sana yang tidak sekolah karena biaya, maka dari itu saya banyak-banyak berterima-kasih.

Kepada Ibu Donatur yang selama ini membiayai sekolah saya hingga lulus, hari ini banyak pengalaman tentang arti peduli kepada orang lain yang saya dapat dari Ibu Valentina dan anak-anak asuh lainnya. Walaupun saya sering dimarahi setiap ketemu ibu, tetapi saya tahu setiap omelan dari ibu itu selalu berguna untuk saya dan saya akan menjadi anak yang mandiri tidak tergantung pada orang tua.
Terima kasih kepada ibu yang selalu menasehati saya, ibu adalah motivasi saya untuk menjadi orang yang sukses. Continue reading…

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Interview with Mr. Sajid

Wawancara dengan Pak Sajid

Name: Sajid S.Pd
Position: Teacher of SMKN 19
Interview date: 12 October 2010

How was the conditions of the students that we help prior to meeting Mr./ Ms. Sponsor?

  • [The students] were experiencing difficulties in paying their tuition resulting in huge amount overdue.
  • The parents were often requested to come to school to settle the amount overdue, and/ or to prepare letters indicating agreements to pay the amount overdue.
  • During semester exams, the students often could not obtain the original exam number so they had to be given temporary exam number.

Burden for the students ñ their concentration were disturbed since they were often called by the school to settle the amount overdue based on the agreement.

What actions have been taken by Mr./ Ms. Sponsor for the students?

  • Performing selection interviews to students candidates related to family economic background, the candidates academic achievements, discipline, attendance, and amount overdue
  • Selecting candidates to be helped
  • Paying the amount overdue of the selected candidates via the school administration department and school tuition till the end of the semester. Generally, the selected students received this type of help until their graduation.

What are the benefits and progress resulted from this student sponsorship program?

  • The students felt the benefit in terms of tuition payment
  • The learning spirit and academic achievements of the students are increased
  • The parents financial burdens related to their children decreased
  • The school felt the benefits of this student sponsorship program
  • Reducing drop-out rate among the students who come from unfortunate financial background.

What are your hopes and wishes with regard to this student sponsorship program?

  • For this student sponsorship program to continue
  • If possible, the students that have been assisted by this program can be directed to get better employment opportunities, and/ or for the students that have outstanding academic achievements to be able to obtain college fund sponsorship as well.

Do you have message for the sponsors related to this student sponsorship program?

[I am] very happy with this student sponsorship program, and I am proud of the sponsors who have been willing in setting aside their fund for this program directed at students who come from unfortunate financial background. [I am] grateful that our students can be assisted by this studenat sponsorship program.
[I] hope the sponsors who have set aside their fund for this student sponsorship program will be more fortunate and successful. In addition, [I] hope the students who have been assisted by this program will have outstanding academic achievements and successful in getting a job.

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Interview with Mrs. Nusurah

Wawancara dengan Ibu Nusuroh

Name: Nusuroh S.Pd
Occupation: Teacher at SMKN 19
Interview date: 15 October 2010

How were the conditions of the students prior to receiving helps from the sponsors?

I think, economically they were lacking, attitude wise, they were good, and their academic achievements are quite good as well.

What did the sponsors do for the students selected for student sponsorship program?

The sponsors provide financial assistance to settle the students’ amount overdue and related school administration fee. Continue reading…

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