Verse about Magical Experience Lama Tsongkhapa

Sajak mengenai Pengalaman Gaib Lama Tsongkhapa

O sun-like Prince of the Conqueror,
Whose wisdom, vast as the heavens,
Has the brilliance of knowledge
That sees what ultimately is
And what merely seems to be;
O Venerable Lord of Dharma, Most Perfect Guru,
The dust of your feet I place
On the crown of my head. Continue reading…

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Praise on Tsongkhapa that there is No Appeal

Pujian pada Tsongkhapa yang Tiada Tara

By Gyalwa Mikyo Dorje, the Eighth Karmapa (1507 – 1554)
Once when Gyalwa Mikyo Dorje was travelling through the Charida Pass, thoughts of the incomparable Tsongkhapa welled up within him. Overcome by profound faith, he was moved to compose the above poem. Continue reading…

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Three Main Roads

I bow to the high and holy lamas.

As far as I am able I shall explain the essence of all high teachings of the Victors, the path that their holy sons commend, the entry point for the fortunate seeking freedom.

Listen with a pure mind, fortunate ones who have no craving for the pleasures of life, and who to make leisure and fortune meaningful strive to their minds to the path which pleases the Victors.

There is no way to end, without the pure reunciation, this striving for pleasent results in the ocean of life. It is because of their hankering life as well that beings are fettered, so seek reunciation first.

Leisure and fortune are hard to find, life is not long; think it constantly, stop desire for this life. Think over and over how deeds and their fruits never fail, and the cycle’s suffering: stop desire for the future. Continue reading…

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Je Tsongkhapa “Three Aspects important Of Way”

by His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Translated by Lobsang Jordhen & edited by Jeremy Russell

His Holiness gave this teaching at the request of a group of students from France in the main temple at Thekchen Choling in the Autumn of 1989

Today I am going to explain the Three Principal Aspects of the Path. As usual, before beginning a teaching, we will do the three practices for cleaning our mental continuums and then we will recite the Heart Sutra. Now make the mandala offering.

Whatever teachings are being given both the listener and the teacher should have a pure motivation. Especially when you listen to a Mahayana teaching, you should firstly take refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha to protect yourself from following the wrong path, and secondly you should generate an altruistic mind of enlightenment to differentiate yourself from followers of lower paths. Continue reading…

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Poetry for Having Blessing

Puisi untuk Mengundang Berkat

In the year of the Water dog, Lama Gyalwa Kalzang Gyatso visited Gaden Monastery. Inspired by the extraordinary vibration pervading the place and filled with marvel at the strength and kindness of Omniscient Lord Tsongkhapa, who had founded Gaden, His Holiness Kalzang Gyatso was moved to write this song. Continue reading…

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Song Of Praise Teachers Three Nature

Lagu Pujian Guru Tiga Alam

O Je Tsongkhapa, master of the three worlds,
Who surpasses all others in compassion,
The eye through whom all beings
Can receive ultimate vision,
Peerless Refuge of liberation seekers,
To you, a supreme and incomparable Lama,
I offer my spiritual aspirations. Continue reading…

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Guru Yoga Lama Tsongkhapa

Guru Yoga Lama Tsongkhapa


From the heart of the Lord of the Gaden devas (Maitreya Buddha) emerges a brilliant white cloud, like a great mass of fresh yoghurt. Atop sits Tsongkhapa all knowing, King of Dharma; we request your coming to this place along with your great disciples. Continue reading…

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Twenty Seven The Temple To Train Mind

Dua-Puluh-Tujuh Bait untuk Melatih Pikiran

“For those who wish to gain attainments, transform, change and become happy, recite the below 27 mind blowing sacred lines by our Lord and Sage Tsongkhapa the Incomparable daily as a sadhana. Then contemplate the meaning while reciting OM AH RA BA ZA NA DHI. If you are my student or if you say I have benefited you, then do this daily.”
Tsem Tulku Continue reading…

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Prayer For The Spread of Lama Tsongkhapa

Doa Untuk Penyebaran Ajaran Lama Tsongkhapa

Though he’s the father, producer of all conquerors,
As a conqueror’s son, he produced the thought of upholding
The conqueror’s Dharma in infinite worlds.
Through this truth
May the conqueror Losang’s teachings flourish!

When of yore before [Buddha] Indraketu
He made his vow, the conqueror and his offspring
Praised his powerful courage.
Through this truth
May the conqueror Losang’s teachings flourish! Continue reading…

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Prayer A Student


He’s the Lord who stages and then withdraws the show, a myriad ocean
Of mighty deeds the Victors in all three times perform to keep
The teaching tradition that joins both ways, those passed from Gentle Voice
And from the saviour Loving One, the deep thought of the Victors. Continue reading…

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