TRANSCRIPT – The Teaching Of Yoga Teachers

Apr 6, 2010

Dear friends and seekers of Wisdom,

I truly want from the depths of my heart everyone to gain wisdom, great memory, understanding of dharma that cuts through your problems, merits to purify obstacles, and to gain great attainments before your life is through. I know the practice of Tsongkapa Guru Yoga can help you accomplish all of this and you don’t need heavy initiations or commitments for it and you can start anywhere and anytime. Yes you can start anywere and anytime and there is no danger of doing it wrong whatsoever…. I received this sacred practice and commentary from HH Kyabje Zong Rinpoche over 23 years ago and I am passing it here to all of you for your benefit. Whatever Kyabje Zong Rinpoche gives us is beyond any scrutiny or doubt… I really want all of you to sincerely benefit so very much…I want everyone to be ok…now and future lives…. I would request you with folded hands to do this practice of Tsongkapa and go all the way..if you do so, it fulfills one of the reasons I am even on Facebook and blog and twitter (internet)..If you sincerely over a long period of time do this practice, then you will be ok and I will have done something worthwhile and you will gain so much…really.. Continue reading…

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Various Monastery Gelugpa History

1. Ganden Monastery

In 1409, Tsongkhapa instituted the Great Prayer Festival (sMon-lam chen-mo) at the Lhasa Jokang Temple (Lha-sa Jo-khang, Jokhang). Afterwards, his disciples, concerned about the effect of constant travel on their teacher’s health, offered to build him a monastery at any site of his choice.

Tsongkhapa accepted and chose Drogri Mountain (‘Brog ri-bo-che), approximately 50 kilometers east of Lhasa. He personally consecrated the land and named the monastery Ganden, or Tushita in Sanskrit, after the pure land realm of the future Buddha, Maitreya.

  1. Drepung Monastery

The great monastery of Drepung (‘Bras-spungs dGon-pa) was founded by Jamyang Chojey Tashi-pelden (‘Jam-dbyangs chos-rje bKra-shis dpal-ldan), a direct disciple of Jey Tsongkhapa (rJe Tsong-kha-pa Blo-bzang grags-pa), the founder of the Gelug Tradition. Continue reading…

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About Tsongkhapa and Migtsema

mengenai tsongkhapa

Berikut ini adalah kompilasi dari pesan-pesan yang ditulis oleh Tsem tulku Rinpoche di Twitter. Ikutilah Rinpoche di Twitter dan terimalah ajaran ini LIVE!

Mantra adalah tubuh, perkataan, dan pikiran Buddha yang direpresentasikan dalam bentuk suara. Oleh karena itu, mereka dapat memberikan pengaruh yang dalam dan memberkati pikiran kita. Mantra yang dipadukan dengan visualisasi dan meditasi dapat membuka alam bawah sadar ke dalam tingkat pikiran yang lebih tinggi seperti altruistism, rasa peduli, dan lainnya. Ada banyak tipe mantra, terbuka dan rahasia. Akan tetapi secara umum mantra yang memiliki banyak kualitas dan kita butuhkan adalah Migtsema. Continue reading…

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