Yayasan Kechara Indonesia (YKI) Fundraising Challenge 2016 – Mt. Kerinci


Mt. Kerinci

Dearest  Friends and Supporters

We have gone a long way since our first food distribution in 2010 by a handful selfless  individuals embracing the spirit of Hunger Knows No Barriers.

Six years later, the same selfless act still flourishes while the list activities of helping others has expanded. Today our regular and ad-hoc activities consist of:

  • Food distribution (weekly food distribution between 300 – 500 food packages)
  • Food bank program (dry food distribution for those who in need them)
  • Student sponsorship program (scholarship grants to students from primary school to university)
  • Aid for the needy of medical assistance include eye examination
  • Flood and fire disaster relief
  • Other projects (kindergarten renovation, stationary distribution, etc.)

Our annual tradition of mountain hiking is to fundraise YKI’s operating expenses to run these activities.

Like in previous climbs, true to the spirit of charity, a group of volunteer climbers committed themselves to participate in this year’ s challenge. On 6-9 October 2016, Yayasan Kechara Indonesia team led by Hau Shio Wei, will climb the highest volcanic mountain in Indonesia. We aimed to raise IDR 100 million from this project where by the proceed will be used to fund the annual administrative expenses.

There will be 7 (seven) big hearted hikers this year led by Hau Shio Wei – the leader has been adamant hiker and this will be her 5th consecutive fundraising challenge hike.  There will be six hikers joining Shio Wei this year: William Yong, Koh Chee Hou, Kyatmaja Lookman, Yusuf Widjaja, Hendrik Sugianto, and Bambang Sudiro. Although the hikers came from various backgrounds, they were able to come together to support our charitable cause.

One of the hikers is William Yong. William has stayed in Indonesia for over 4 years and this is his second charity hike for fundraising organised by Yayasan Kechara Indonesia. In light of good experience from Mt. Agung hike in 2015, William accepted his second challenge straightaway when contacted.

Koh Chee Hou, William Yong and Hau Shio Wei

Koh Chee Hou, William Yong and Hau Shio Wei

Similar to other regular participants like Shio Wei and Koh Chee Hou, William hopes he could walk that extra mile to help the underpriviledged children. He believes “Love only grows by sharing – you can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others.” During free times, William enjoys sport activities like jogging and running, regular runner for car free day on Sunday”

Yusuf Widjaja

 Yusuf Widjaja

Kyatmaja Lookman

Kyatmaja Lookman

Hau Shio Wei and Valentina

Hau Shio Wei and Valentina


Chee Hou

Koh Chee Hou

Profile of Mt. Kerinci:

  • the highest active volcano in Indonesia 3,805 m above sea level
  • Mt Kerinci is located in the border of Jambi and West Sumatera provinces, about 130 km South of Padang.
  • The mountain is the main feature of Kerinci Seblat National Park.

The team journey will make a climb from Kersik Tuo village, 7 hours car ride away from Padang. The terrain mostly consists of thick jungle and can get muddy and slippery.

Please support us by donating to


Yayasan Kechara Indonesia:

Bank Central Asia (BCA)

Account#: 534 503 8806

Swift code: CENAIDJA


Wisma GKBI

Jl. Jend. Sudirmankav 28

Jakarta 10210


Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI)

Account#: 0808999901

Swift code BNINIDJA


Grand Slipi Tower

Jl S Parmankav 22-24

Jakarta Barat 11480


Thank you. For queries please do not hesitate to contact me at valentina.suhendra@kecharaindonesia.org

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