Kechara Indonesia Activity January – April 2016

On January – April 2016 Yayasan Kechara Indonesia has done many activities.  The following are our activities during January – April 2016.

  1. Food Distribution

We regularly distribute food every week in three places witch are Petamburan 125 Packs (Saturday morning), Kota Bambu Utara 75 packs (Saturday morning),  and Cipete 50 packs (Friday morning). Besides that we also distribute additional food for 50 elders at Kota Bambu Utara (Thursday morning). We do these activities as a way to know people needs. We also get some loaves cake for children from Island Creamery which we distribute at Kota Bambu Utara.

In addition on April 30, Phintraco Grup donate 300 rice pack through Kechara Indonesia for Petamburan and Kota Bambu Utara.


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  1. Student Scholarship

Currently we have 17 active students who we help. They are:

  1. Arif Nugroho (SMP TanjungPriuk) grade VIII
  2. Deni Irawan (SMK Galileo) grade XI majoring in Engineering
  3. Hasanah Bulkiah (SMP Muhammadiyah 6) grade VIII
  4. Hendra (SMK Tarigul) grade XI majoring of Office Administration
  5. Meilina Fitriana (SMK Muhammadiyah 5) grade X majoring of Marketing
  6. Mutia Kusdiati (SMK Muhammadiyah 5) grade X majoring of Accounting
  7. Nizar Winarsin (STIAMI)
  8. Riki (STMIK Global)
  9. Risma Maulandari (MI Al Falah) grade V
  10. Sitty Handayani (SMP YWKA) grade IX
  11. Supriyatno (SMA Said Naum) grade XII IPS
  12. Hera Apriyani (SMP Al Ihsan) grade IX
  13. Lisda Nurfitriani (SMK Perguruan Rakyat 2) grade XII majoring in Network Computing
  14. Larasati (SMK Muhammadiyah 3) grade XII majoring of Accounting
  15. Muhammad Firmansyah (SMK Josua) grade XI majoring in Office Administration
  16. Mawar Roslianawati (SMK Perguruan Rakyat 2) grade X majoring in Network Computing
  17. Nisa Sagita (SMK YADIKA TOMANG) grade XII majoring in Office Administration
    1. Free Eye Examination and Spectacle (Vision for The Future 2016)

This year supported by Hary Tanoesoedibjo Foundation were done eye examination for 250 people who live at Kecamatan Palmerah, they are from Kelurahan Jatipulo, Kelurahan Kota Bambu Utara, Kelurahan Kota Bambu Selatan, Kelurahan Slipi, Kelurahan Palmerah dan Kelurahan Kemanggisan. After the eye examination, there are 161 people identified ar needs spectacle. Minimum limits for get a spectacle are minus (-) 0,5 or plus (+) 0,5.


  1. Gymnastics Together at Kecamatan Palmerah

On February, 26 2016 we did gymnastic together with Kecamatan Palmerah officer, and Kechara Indonesia gove nasi kucing for their breakfast after the gymnastics. This is as a thank you because Kecamatan Palmerah has provided support in Kechara Indonesia any activities which we do in Kecamatan Palmerah area.


  1. Elders Basic Needs at Kelurahan Slipi

On February, 27 2016, together with Organisasi Peduli Bersama we distributed basic needs for 150 elders at Kelurahan Slipi. Our activity run smoothly because we get a support from Palmerah Head District and authorities in the event.


  1. Inauguration of Kecamatan Palmerah Office

We attend inauguration of Kecamatan Palmerah Office and we distribute 100 rice box for the guests




  1. Progress of greening project at RW 03 Kota Bambu Selatan

Plants that we planted at Kota Bambu Selatan it is getting green and in a couple months already can be harvested.




  1. Kechara Food Bank

On April 22, we give basic needs for two elder sisters who at Kota Bambu Utara. They are very happy because the basic need can lightened their cost.


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