Food Bank Project at Slipi Sub District




On 27 February 2016, Yayasan Kechara Indonesia (“YKI”) worked together with Peduli Bersama Charity Group to distribute 150 sembako packages to the elderly citizens in Slipi sub district, Palmerah district, West Jakarta.

Due to the support of all parties including the the officials in Slipi district, this activity can be executed smoothly as expected.  In addition to the sponsors and volunteers, we were assisted by Karang Taruna Youth Group members.

The sembako recipients have previously been selected together with Slipi sub district officials.  As per the sponsors’ request, the recipients are elderly citizens from less fortunate economic background.

Most of the elderly recipients came to the distribution site to get their sembako packages.  However, there were some sembako packages that we delivered to the recipients’ houses because they were either sick or have difficulties walking.

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