Helping Fire Victims in Petamburan

On Friday November 2015 20, there was a fire at RT. 12 RW. 08 Kelurahan Petamburan that consumed several houses. The fire occurred due to  electricity short circuit from an empty house. Since the area was densely populated, the fire spread fast and burnt 15 houses and made 135 people lost their houses and have to be evacuated to their neighbors’ or relatives’ houses.

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The fire accident happened in one of the location where Yayasan Kechara Indonesia (“YKI”) distributed food at Petamburan. Considering the situation, YKI decided to help the fire victims through disaster relief effort.

In order to help the victims, the community prepared a public kitchen for the victims, however, the public kitchen only last for three days after the fire.  Thus, YKI decided to distribute food for 3 days morning and night (totaling 810 packages) from Monday to Wednesday.  During the distribution, we received information that the children of the fire victims lost their school uniforms and stationeries.  Upon receiving this information, we decided to give school uniforms, shoes and stationeries to help these children.    Many of our friends volunteer to help by either financial donation or to give books and stationeries for the victims.kompilasi 2 kompilasi 3 kompilasi 4  kompilasi1

As we (YKI) promised to the community, we distributed the school uniforms and stationeries on Tuesday, 1 December 2015 at 7 PM.  We are happy to be able to help the fire victim.  We thank you all the sponsors and volunteers who have helped us so that we can continue to help and spread the good for others.

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