The Perfection of Concentration by Geshe Rabten

Concentration is important in both Dharma practice and ordinary life. The Tibetan word for the practice of concentration is zhi-nay (zhi-gNas). Zhi means peace and nay means to dwell; zhi-nay, then, is dwelling in peace or being without busyness. If we do not carefully watch the mind it may seem that it is peaceful. However, […]

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Happy Families To Kalacakra

Howell, New Jersey, USA (route 9) This was Happy Family Chinese restaurant I used to work at in Howell on route 9. It was taken over by someone else later and renamed Sesame Inn, and was later demolished in 2002. 617 total views, no views today

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Wisdom of an old woman

For ninety-nine years, I have worked for the benefit of beings. now this work is almost complete. I will not take birth again in this human realm in a physical form, nor will I leave behind any remains or relics. 605 total views, no views today

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Cowhouse It Is My House In Gaden

When I arrived in Gaden I went straight to Zong Ladrang (house). Ladrang is the Tibetan word for the Lama’s household. I left USA for the last time in October 1987. Was ordained by HH Dalai Lama in December 1987. Then went to Nepal and arrived in Gaden, South India in January 1988. Kyabje Zong […]

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You had not seen the last one from me

Myself at 17 years old here in Los Angeles, California… I came across this song by accident..I am amazed at Cher’s endurance. She’s not just another pop star that disappears, she moves with the times and she stays current. I guess that is the secret to survival in whatever you do. Cherish your traditions, know […]

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My grandfather leader of xinjiang

My grandfather Migyur Wang (mom’s side) was the ruler of Xianjiang. He is royalty and was from the Mongol Ruling family of that area. He has descended directly from Genghis Khan. He had left Xianjiang to Tibet and from Tibet immigrated to Taiwan. In Taiwan He settled. I saw him a few times in Taiwan […]

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Never Told me Go

Picture is of my first trip to Malaysia in 1992…Kyabje Lati Rinpoche insisted I travel and teach. I begged him please not to make me go. I begged to the point of respectully debating with him till he told me to not debate and just follow …his instructions. I really did not want to go..i […]

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It is me in hollywood in 80s

This is a picture of me taken in the 80′s in Hollywood, California where I lived. I don’t even remember who took the photo now. My step-parents didn’t allow me to do Dharma or get involved with the centre. I ran away like three times and on the third time I was successful. My step-parents […]

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My Mother

This is the Royal princess Dewa of Xianjiang now residing in the USA or simply my mom. 468 total views, no views today

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This is Diana in front of the new Tv I presented her last week. Shin was very helpful to find different models on line and give Diana the facts as to which Tv would be good. Many times I want to get some quick information or sending something to Diana, Shin’s on the phone with […]

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