Kechara Indonesia Food Distribution Activity – December 2015

In December  2015, Yayasan Kechara Indonesia (“YKI”) executed weekly food distribution in Petamburan (150 Pakcages), Kota Bambu Utara (75 Packages), Cipete (50 Packages) and 40 complementary food for Elders at Kota Bambu Utara.

During food distribution we received help from various community members. For example in Kota Bambu Utara we were helped by Registered Social Worker who helped us to cook and distribute food to the recipients.   It is not unusual our food vendor cook more than what we ordered. They said also want to do good for others too. It is from them, we were informed of the various needs of the community so we can direct our resources better.

In Petamburan and Cipete, we were helped by community leaders.  They helped us in coordinating and doing food distribution.

In addition to our regular food distribution, Island Creamery also gave us cakes to be distributed to the children.  in Petamburan and Kota Bambu Utara.

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