Working well is dharma

In conjunction with the recently launched incentive program for full time staff (, Rinpoche was inspired to give an informal teaching, which we are happy to share with everyone.

Work towards making everyone like you. Make sure you challenge yourself to get people that don’t like you to LIKE you and GIVE YOU GOOD POINTS! Be humble! Beg and ask others to give good points to you.

I want new winners every month!

Bekerja dengan baik adalah Dharma

Don’t use the points system as a BARGAINING CHIP. Don’t use it to get another person back. YOU can never accomplish what you want through getting even. All of you have the power to give each other good points so use it in a positive manner! Never get people back. You will lose if you do that.


Speaking kindly and doing work thoroughly doesn’t burden others and that is Dharma. Being selfish, sneaky, greedy and not doing your work well MAKES EVERYONE NOT LIKE YOU. Then you don’t like them. Then they get you back and then you get them back and it never ends and EVERYONE LOSES.

It doesn’t matter if others do their work well or not, but you do your’s well. Everyone has their own karma. You don’t have to follow their examples for negative karma.

Leaving our work for others to do has small benefit and huge negative results. Immediately we don’t do our work and others do it for us and we relax. Long term, everyone disrespects us, and don’t trust us and hates us. If you don’t respect or care for others, then how will they respect or care about you?

It’s NOT WORTH IT. Do your work completely and do it well always! Lying and covering up our lazy mistakes forces us to be on our guard. We have to always watch when we will be exposed. And when exposed, we become angry and others become even angrier with us and isolate us. Then we are unhappy and untrustworthy. What a horrible way to live.

Taking things for free with great attachment and giving nothing back will lead to a fearful death and rebirth as a ghost, harmful spirit or animal.

Getting without giving seems like you’re getting something for free and you’re getting something for nothing but that’s deceptive. Karma is always there and you have to pay back one way or another. Never owe anyone. Always pay loans and what you owe. Not doing so leads to very heavy karma, disrespect, fear and distrust. Never think of immediate benefits, always think long term.

Tsem Tulku

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