Type meat that we have to avoid

Usually when we talk about the consequences of eating meat, the focus is usually placed upon the suffering of the animals that are slaughtered simply for the benefit of our dinner plates.

However, even from a selfish point of view, eating meat is potentially a very dangerous dietary habit…

Most people who buy meat give no thought to where it has come from or what the meat actually contains. For example, we may think that steak has simply come straight from a cow and into packaging… ready to be shelved at the Supermarket.

Tipe daging yang kita harus hindari

Even people who are careful about the meat they eat, are misled a lot of the time. While their meat may be expensive and tagged as “prime” meat, it could actually be a lot less organic and healthy than they first think.

Since food manufacturers are not required by law to disclose the process of how they produce their meat – many make huge profits through misleading their customers.

Food manufacturers may even use the plasma of pigs and cows, to create “meat glue”. This is used to glue together pieces of meat from different parts of various animals. They then pass this off as “prime” meat and sell it at a high price.

According to reports, the process of gluing meat has become so refined that even expert butchers cannot tell the difference between glued meat and genuine cuts of prime meat!

Some meat glues are also created using cultivated bacteria. As a result, the risk of food poisoning that arises from eating affected meat rises to a high degree.

Some people might suggest such meat could simply be avoided, but there is absolutely no way of knowing what mass-produced meat has been glued and what hasn’t. Every time meat is consumed, there is always a significant risk to health involved. Is that really worth the “pleasure” of having meat on your plate?

Eating processed meats can also be potentially hazardous to our health. Processed meats are meats that have been refined (i.e. not organic) and preserved by adding chemicals. These meats include bacon, ham, pastrami, salami, pepperoni, hot dogs, and some sausages and hamburgers that have additives and preservatives.

Tipe daging yang kita harus hindari 2

Because of the additives, chemicals and levels of salt that are found in processed meats, they significantly raise the risk of contracting various cancers. They even increase the likelihood of contracting diabetes by 50%! Lung function is also affected by eating processed meats, and there are numerous reports and studies clearly showing that by being ignorant towards what we eat… we really are putting our health at risk in the most dangerous ways.

How can we justify putting ourselves through so much illness, sickness and suffering just for the sake of satisfying our palates for a few moments?

When we honestly take a look at what we eat and what goes into the process of some foods before they reach our plates, it really is frightening! Our bodies suffer so much. We continually complain of discomfort; stomach aches… pains… indigestion and various other ailments that could so easily be avoided if we took the time to know what we put inside our bodies.

Of course, everyone leads busy and hectic lives in today’s modern age. Who has the time to check out everything about what they eat? A simple solution to making sure what you’re eating is good for you and your health is to take the advice of many nutritionists and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and other natural foods.

Many people who have adopted a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle constantly say they have a better sense of well-being, they feel lighter, more energetic, less aggressive and less tired.

They feel much more vibrant after dropping meat altogether from their diets. More importantly, they have put themselves in a position where they have significantly reduced the risk of suffering from serious illnesses that are potentially caused by meat eating.

Please think about the choices you make about the food you eat. Even if you don’t think about the animals that are killed for meat consumption, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that you take a massive chance in damaging your own health by eating meat.

In the end, it is down to your own choice. If you choose to walk across the road with your eyes closed, you might not get hit by a car. No-one wants to risk being hit by traffic, so we all cross the road with our eyes wide open and this is exactly how we should go about choosing the foods we eat.

Tsem Rinpoche


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