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When my Mumu was small and being trained, I would come back to the Kitchen area EVERY SINGLE DAY AND IT WOULD LOOK LIKE THIS. He was hyper, tore up everything and pooped everywhere. I was paranoid to come home into the the kitchen area as I knew what was waiting for meÖ. Sometimes I would have to go out twice and when I get home, I would have to clean the kitchen again. It was like this for months. I even considered a few times to give Mumu away as it was just too much cleaning daily with no end in sight it seemed… .

I got a book, then I sat down and read and learned now to train Mumu and IT MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE. I realized what I was doing wrong to potty train him. Yes Mumu was hyper, but I was making the mistakes in training him. It was me. I was at fault.

And when I read the book, it really dawned on me that Mumu is like a little young boy, you have to patiently train / teach him. He does not know any better. Dogs are supposed to poop anywhere and everywhereÖ.I was trying to make him humanÖputting human expectations on him..he is a dog and a puppy at that!! The book said something that really hit home for me. This is, “If you take the time to train your puppy up for about one year, you can enjoy him for the next 15 years’ÖTHAT REALLY MADE SENSE TO ME. If you take the time to teach your kids while they are growing up, then when they are adults, they will be good people. It is up to you. It is up to me. Giving them away is not an option. Giving Mumu away is not an option. Of course the training is intense for the first few months, then it’s just reminder trainings from time to time to brush up for maybe a year. It doesn’t take one year to trainÖdogs are very smart.

Puppies are super cute and fun when they are tiny and their defacating everywhere is excusable but not forever I thought wronglyÖ. But they don’t know that. We know that and we have to train them. It is cruel, selfish and unfair to get rid of them because we were irresponsible and didn’t want to train them. This book helped me to realize that big time. Mumu is MY RESPONSIBILITY and I better own up to it. I did.

Once I started training Mumu, everything became so much better. My Mumu is adult now and EVERYONE comments on how cute, spontaneous, happy and well trained he is. Well alot of effort was put into that. Mumu knows where to poo and pee now and he is very cleanÖ. He follows commands like stay, don’t jump, pee pee on cue, sleep sleep and he is very clean with himselfÖI sleep with him always and he gets up to go pee in his own toilet and then returns to sleepÖand he snores very loudlyÖ. I had special doors made within my doors that Mumu can easily go from one room to another.

When I see this video, it reminds me of how I LEARNED TO CHANGE MY ATTITUDE ABOUT MY LITTLE MUMU. I am the adult. I am the caretaker. I am the human. I am the one responsible for my Mumu. Don’t buy puppies if you don’t wish to take the responsibilities that come with it. They have feelings too. They can be happy, sad and depressed. They are living beings. Treat them like so and you will have a wonderful companion.

Read up and learn how to train/manage your lovely dogs. As a human, it is your duty to be kind to animals. Never buy a puppy, don’t train them properly and then just dump them somewhereÖ.that is horrible karma.

If you are in Malaysia, you need a copy of this book, contact Wendy at the Ladrang, she’ll give you one if you have a SchnauzerÖotherwise get one from the pet store..PLEASE PROMISE TO READ IT FROM COVER TO COVER TWICEÖit will make a TREMENDOUS DIFFERENCE in the lives of your dogs and their relationship with you.

For any breed of dogs, get the appropriate instructional book, it might make the difference of you keeping or giving your dog awayÖdon’t give them away.

Tsem Rinpoche

This is the book that made a HUGE DIFFERENCE in my taking responsibility for Mumu. It helped me to realize that how Mumu behaved was up to meÖ.that if I loved Mumu enough, I will take the time to patiently train him. I did and I am VERY GLAD I DID. You will tooÖ.even if your dog is older, you can still do itÖ.read.

Publisher: Kennel Club Books in the USA at US$11.00 or Interpet Publishings, UKÖ

Tanggung Jawab Sang Kriminal

Mumu and his new friend Oser… Oser is Mumu’s companion now… They love each other a lot.. Nice to see.

They play non-stop together…

Enjoy your pets by being kind to them, always start by patiently training them from pupsÖ.and contrary to the old adage, old dogs CAN LEARN new tricks…

Tsem Rinpoche

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