Suffering a happy

Penderitaan Yang Membahagiakan

a prayer for travellers in this world
given by His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

Wherever I go or don’t go –
everything I do can become Dharma
because I do it
with a Dharma motivation.

Dharma motivation
arises from compassion.

Compassion arises from seeing
so many beings suffer
so much –
not knowing why,
not knowing what to do.

To liberate
the precious beings in the hot hells
and the cold hells, suffering unbearable pain,
I go on this journey.

To liberate
the precious hungry ghosts,
suffering unbearable hunger and thirst
I go on this journey.

To liberate
the precious animals
suffering helplessly and speechlessly
I go on this journey.

To liberate
the precious human beings
suffering from endless unfulfilled desire,
reaping the bitter harvest of greed and hatred,
bleeding on the battlefields of birth and death
I go on this journey.

To liberate the demi-gods
raging with the suffering of jealousy
and the long-life gods
deluded with the suffering of pride
I go on this journey.

For all those who cannot join me
I go on this journey.

For all those who have never
even heard the word Dharma
I go on this journey,
because I care
and cannot bear to see their pain
any longer.

To connect them with
the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha,
I rejoice in any difficulties and problems, and
absorb them for the benefit of all.

Not what I want will I do, but what they need.

I pray to my most holy Guru
who is One with my Yidam and Protector,
who took this journey before, alone
and with so much more hardship than me:
“Please send me
hunger and thirst,
pain and exhaustion,
sickness and poverty,
abuse and loneliness, and
may I purify the hurts and harms
and difficulties of all mother beings and myself
by absorbing and enduring them

In this way suffering becomes joy,
and every part of the journey – happiness.

To dry their tears with Dharma

when I think of my Lord Kyabje Zong Rinpoche,
I’m amazed I had a chance
to be with him and receive
the treasure-trove of love,
life, knowledge and care –
tears stream forth as I miss his physical presence so, so much…

when I contemplate on Lord Buddha
I am overwhelmed that I have the merits to know of him –
tears overflow and may I never separate from him…

when I think of the wholesome truth
and its liberating power, the Dharma,
I want to share with others
as much tears stream down their faces –

I want to dry their tears with Dharma.
being orphaned, alone,
destitute most of my life and homeless,
I am in deep debt to the holy Sangha
that advised, clothed and sheltered me –
as my eyes cloud with tears at their practice of generosity to me…

when things became bleak, hopeless,
dangerous, depressive and death seemed welcoming,
my Dharma protector rescued, saved, protected
and gave me what I needed –
I cried in shame knowing I’m not worthy..


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