Siti Masitoh Got Sponsorship

Siti Masitoh Mendapat Bantuan

Siti Masitoh is one of the students at SMKN 19. Her father is 50 years old and currently not working due to his health condition.

Siti’s mother owned a small semi-permanent eating place to cover the family’s expenses.

Siti has three siblings. Two of the siblings are working as a waiter and parking attendant. Another sibling is a housewife and not working.

Siti did not have any amount overdue at school prior to receiving our sponsorship since her mother tried to borrow money from acquaintances and neighbors to be able to pay Siti’s tuition on timely basis.

After learning about Siti’s family condition, one of my friends agreed to cover Siti’s tuition until her graduation from SMKN 19.

Upon hearing this happy news, Siti was very happy and grateful.

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