Peace started from we bring dharma home

Damai Dimulai Dari Kita Membawa Dharma Pulang Ke Rumah

Every time someone gives you a cup of tea, and you expect it, you collect the karma and you re-habituate the selfish mind. You harm yourself. You get the moment’s thrill but ultimately, it is not good. Don’t sit there and wait for money from someone. If you really need it and you get it, it’s wonderful; but don’t blackmail and manipulate for it.

The message here is that it’s time to bring Dharma home. I want everyone to make an effort. If you think of me as your Guru, spiritual guide or teacher, that is my instruction to you. If you think of me as a friend, that is my request. If you think of me as a nice person who has lived life and who knows a little bit more, this is me on my knees begging and pleading with you. It doesn’t matter to me how you wish to view me. But you need to do that. You need to lessen the mind that brings harm to yourself.

I’m talking about family values, and melding families and people together, because peace and love come from that. Even when we do ceremonies for monks and nuns here in the future, it is not about taking people away from their families; it is about letting them live in austerity for a while to realise how much they have.

I want your sadhanas not to be another mantra or another initiation, running after another Lama. How many living Buddhas have you been sitting in front of and getting initiations from? And look at you, you’re worse! You’re not a living Buddha, you’re a living nightmare! You don’t need any more initiations and practices and all that. What you need is to take your mother and father out for dinner once a week, to take your wife or husband out for dinner once a week, to not nag your husband. Listen to what people tell you is wrong with you and stop that.

You want to do a sadhana every week? That’s it. Do something for the very people that you live with, immediately, because that’s Dharma, that’s your sadhana. I’m not telling you to go home and chant mantras. Do you want to be spiritual? Buy flowers for your wife and take her out for a meal. Stop nagging your husband. Don’t cheat on your husbands and wives, in any way. You want the greatest yidam? The greatest yidam is getting behind a steering wheel and taking your mother or father out to eat. You want the greatest mantra? The greatest mantra is, “How are you Mummy? How are you Daddy? What can I do for you?” That is the greatest mantra, at this moment, for us.

You know what’s the greatest mind? The greatest mind is not wanting other people to change; but you yourself changing and accepting other people. The greatest mind is to stop wondering when they will change. No. You should think instead, “When will I change?” That is the greatest practice.

So, if you believe in God, that’s fabulous; if you believe in Buddha, that’s fabulous; if you don’t believe in anything, that’s fabulous. But please believe in yourself and please believe in the happiness you can bring to people around you. Believe in that. Won’t that be lovely?

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