Opening Ceremony Office of Kechara-In-Motion (KIM)

Last Wednesday, Kechara In Motion (KIM) had their official opening! Another one of Kechara’s 13 depts has their own premises!!! Finally after two years, KIM has their very own premises near our Kechara Gompa is Sunway Mas. I am very proud of Ms Han. In the Liaisons meeting around two months ago, I requested her to make a KIM office manifest as the KIM team was working out of the LadrangÖwe love them at the Ladrang for sure, but it was time to get their own office for many good reasons. Ms Han promised she would and she did it!!! I repeat, I am proud of Ms Han, her team and this growing Dept!!

From 6pm, lots of friends started arriving at KIM to show their support. When they arrived, they thought that it would just be a normal gathering of friends..what they didn’t know what that there was a buffet spread of food in the KIM meeting room! Hehe The food was catered from Kechara Oasis and some friends brought along a few dishes to share as well.

With ALL of the videos that comes out of Kechara, be it the Setrap Moment’s series, the U.S. Bio trip videos, all of my taped teachings, travel videos (Nepal, Taiwan etc), and so so many moreÖmost people would think that KIM has a huge team of staff. Why? The amount of filming, editing, subtitling, graphic inputs..all makes it seem like a 10 man job. However, there are only 3. Three very highly skilled, professional, hardworking and dedicated full-time Kecharians who work extremely harmoniously to produce the high quality work that they do.

The person who heads that department is Miss Han Siew Fong (Liaison) who is a successful and highly accomplished producer here in Kuala Lumpur and sought after.

Miss Han has produced several notable, high-profile television programmes such as Fear Factor and Deal or No Deal. She brings with her a wealth of experience into KIM.
Under her supportive wing is Chris Tan and Jace Chong. Chris is an Editor of KIM, with Jace the Producer/Editor. Together with Lee Kheng San (photographer) and Howie Loh (videographer) who are part-timers, KIM produces videos that only allows them to be proud when they add it to their growing portfolio.

Coming up with their very own funding and sponsorship, they raised RM100,000 to renovate and furnish their department to what it looks like below (pictures). It’s very clean, modern, chicÖ.some friends of KIM staff have teased and said that it looks like a CLINIC!! Hehe
Guests kept coming to say their well wishes throughout the night..all the way up to 11pm!
This is the very beginning of KIM. Now equipped with their new work space and their well-earned reputation of being a team who can deliverÖI can’t wait to see what comes out of KIM next!
Tsem Tulku

peresmian pembukaan kantor kechara


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