Don’t deceive.
Be politely direct.

Lying makes disharmony.
Truth earns great respect.

Loving money brings loneliness.
Sharing brings prosperity.

Don’t act in a way like before you met Dharma.
Act from Dharma.

Jealousy splits.
Rejoicing creates trust.

Don’t twist words.
Be open and clear doubts.

Speech is a gift.
Wrong speech can create avoidance.

Speech reflects motive.
Motive creates karmic direction.

Wealth can imprison.
Use wealth to uplift.

Breaking promises results in doubt.
What you promise, do quickly.

Dharma isn’t pleasant words for others.
Dharma is immediate self-application.

Don’t covet.
Sharing invites generosity.

Don’t hoard unless you enjoy loneliness.
Giving creates happiness.

Selfishness makes you suspicious.
Generosity makes you open.

Deceiving is short term.
Openness creates inspiring examples.

Procrastination makes for disappointment.
Being timely builds character.

Living just ends in a corpse.
Transforming creates a rainbow body.

Doing what you like further habituates.
Doing what you disdain breaks attachment.

Harsh speech makes you unpopular.
Helpful speech collects merit.

Being quiet unnecessarily means you don’t care.
Speaking up from careful thought opens doors.

Wrong thoughts create anger.
Motive determines direction.

Taking advantage of others invites violence.
Serving others creates long life.

Forgetting care makes you cold.
Repaying kindness makes you human.

Demons delight in your deception.
Buddhas are pleased by your honesty.

Holding anger leads to insanity.
Releasing creates strength.

Giving up is a sign of selfishness.
Patience reaps huge rewards.

Self-righteousness is built upon fear.
Listening chases away darkness.

Putting down the poor makes you a coward.
Helping them is honoured.

Unstable mind creates disharmony.
Firm decisions invite trust.

Loneliness is result.
Friendships are rewards.

Are you lonely?
Then be honest with friends.

Instability leads to failure.
Consistency bears fruit.

Running makes you lose.
Approval arises from staying.

Hiding mistakes creates claustrophobia.
Admittance is vast space.

Judging from ego makes you despised.
Sharing advice gives appreciated direction.

Being at the top creates insecurities.
Allowing others fame makes you stable.

Stealing is the best way to be despised.
Giving opens the floodgates of respect.

Nice smile, evil intent makes you a ghost.
Good heart invites Dharma protectors’ help.

Speaking is difficult when you don’t care.
Caring makes for eloquence.

Broken vows chase yidams away.
Restored vows changes habituations.

Karmic law isn’t for others.
It is universal.

Don’t read the above mechanically.
Applying it awakens your true self.

Pleasing the mentor by deception makes you hard.
Make effort by hard work and you gain love.

Tsem Tulku in Kathmandu, forlorn and sad from observing others engage in causes for self-defeat


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