Largest Dorje Shugden in the world

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 1

This is our Dorje Shugden statue in Wisdom Hall located in Kechara Forest Retreat. This Dorje Shugden chapel is our space dedicated to Dorje Shugden’s practice, activities, learning, rituals, prayers and liturgies. We also screen videos, and hold classes, teachings and meditations dedicated to Dorje Shugden in front of this statue. Our Dorje Shugden chapel is large enough to fit 700 people. In front of Dorje Shugden is Buddha Shakyamuni, who has been temporarily placed here until the construction for our larger hall is complete then Shakyamuni will be officially escorted there.

Video of the World’s Largest Dorje Shugden in Kechara Forest Retreat

Dear special friends around the world,

I have some very special pictures and a video to share with you tonight. It is the first time I am publishing these pictures! As you know Kechara has a large city branch in Kuala Lumpur itself with 13 departments and one hour away in the greener areas of Bentong we have a Kechara Forest Retreat (KFR). We are in the process of fundraising and building more facilities for Phase Two at KFR, but Phase One has already been completed due to the dedication of our members. Within Kechara Forest Retreat we have a large gathering hall aptly named Wisdom Hall for meditation, relaxation, pujas, rejuvenation and blessings. This Wisdom Hall is the specific hall dedicated to the enlightened World Peace Protector Dorje Shugden. We are in the process of building another hall that will be the main prayer hall, which will be much bigger. Our intention are that the rituals, pujas, rites, traditions and lineage of Dorje Shugden will be preserved and practiced in Wisdom Hall. Every month we have beautiful Dorje Shugden pujas here with full rituals and have a dedicated large group of people who learn, study and keep this blessed and holy tradition continuous. This special Wisdom Hall is dedicated to Dorje Shugden who is a World Peace Protector. Nearby we have Dukkar Apartments which is the special living facilities for senior members and guests.

Also housed in the Wisdom Hall within Kechara Forest Retreat is Buddha Shakyamuni with offerings made daily. Behind Buddha Shakyamuni are the holy lamas of our lineage who are connected with us. We have a special throne dedicated to His Holiness Kyabje Zong Rinpoche, my root teacher. Kyabje Zong Rinpoche’s personal advice to me was to adopt Dorje Shugden back in 1983. I will hold this advice and instruction firm till the end of my life. A throne to our guru is a space we dedicate to keep him close to us and also to create a ‘waiting’ place for him to enter our lives again and visit. It signifies that we are waiting for him. There is also a special throne to Dorje Shugden when he takes trance of an oracle monk which symbolizes we wish Dorje Shugden to be here always and for his oracles to visit. Last but not least, in Wisdom Hall we also have a peaceful statue of Dorje Shugden in His youthful and peaceful form filled with mantras, relics and holy items. This incredible statue of Dorje Shugden is 24 feet (7.3 meters) in height and the largest in the world. He is surrounded with His complete entourage of 32 assistants including the 9 Dakini Mothers, 8 Guiding Monks and 10 Youthful and Wrathful Attendants, together with Kache Marpo and Setrap. This is the largest Dorje Shugden statue in the world. We have many dedicated people who have received much benefits from Dorje Shugden’s assistance and have gained great faith in Him, so they gathered together to create this statue. This statue serves to be a light, hope, blessing, inspiration and merit field for all those who come to receive the blessings of Shugden.

Today and immediately after we took these pictures of Dorje Shugden within Wisdom Hall for the first time, without rain, a huge and massive complete rainbow appeared immediately over the whole of Kechara Forest Retreat which lasted 30 minutes. It was auspicious. I took this as a good omen.

Please enjoy the pictures as this is the first time I am publishing the holy images of Dorje Shugden in Kechara.

Tsem Rinpoche

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 2

The entrance into Kechara Forest Retreat

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 3

We have a special chapel to the wealth form of Dorje Shugden called Gyenze. This is for the general public to make offerings.

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 5

Lord Manjushri in Kechara Forest Retreat

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 6

While we were building the first phase of Kechara Forest Retreat, I stayed happily in this cabin. Now this cabin (container) is kept here for visitors in Kechara Forest Retreat. Everything started from the cabin!

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 7

We have a very sacred Vajra Yogini stupa in Kechara Forest Retreat. Containing many holy relics from high masters, mantras and blessed items. It is very good to circumambulate around this stupa to purify karma and make a connection to Vajra Yogini, the Buddha of overcoming attachments.

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 8

I am standing in front of Wisdom Hall in Kechara Forest Retreat.

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 9

At the front of Wisdom Hall is a beautiful stone Je Tsongkhapa. This is here so people may make many candle offerings for the sick, unwell, beloved deceased and for general well-being. Many people from all over the world order candles to be offered here. They order through our online resource and our people here offer for them with their special wishes.

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 10

This is the entrance of Wisdom Hall, the special chapel to Dorje Shugden.

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 11

This is the main shrine in Wisdom Hall. Shakyamuni Buddha is here blessing the environment. On completion of Phase Two of our building works, we will escort Buddha Shakyamuni to the new location. So temporarily and just for now, He majestically sits in this hall dedicated to Dorje Shugden’s practice, lineage, rites, rituals and meditations.

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 12

The statues are all consecrated with holy items and relics. Much mantras were placed inside and blessed.

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 13

This Dorje Shugden statue is 24 feet in height.

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 14

The 24ft (7.3 meters) is in youthful form, peaceful and smiling. This is a special form of Dorje Shugden that I like very much. Dorje Shugden being an emanation of Manjushri gives blessings, wisdom and fulfillments. I have experienced only good results for the last 30 years of my devotions to this World Peace Buddha and Protector.

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 15

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 16

I feel when people understand the history, background and benefits of Dorje Shugden through research and study, more and more will adopt His practice. Many who come to our centre and our friends have experienced vast benefits from Dorje Shugden’s practice. They have shared with many others. In this time and age when obstacles are so plentiful, Dorje Shugden is an important guardian angel we need in our lives.

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 17

Dorje Shugden has been practiced for four hundred years by so many accomplished and eminent teachers of Tibet, China, India, Mongolia and Nepal. The Sakyas and Gelugs have many written works on his rituals, practice and rites. Many highly accomplished Sakya and Gelug masters have composed special prayers and rituals associated with Dorje Shugden. Even my previous incarnations practiced Dorje Shugden. I myself have a very strong and natural attraction to this great protector since young and especially after H.H. Kyabje Zong Rinpoche explained the benefits of this practice. Zong Rinpoche was such a high level accomplished master who among his vast knowledge of Sutra and Tantra focused primarily on Dorje Shugden as his protector until his passing at 81.

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 18

I have compiled much information on Dorje Shugden. If you go to the homepage of this blog and click under the Dorje Shugden category you can see much more information and prayers to this great being.

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 19

I am very happy and honored to have this beautiful statue of Dorje Shugden here in Kechara. Many people were happily involved in the creation of this holy statue. Offerings are made daily. If you wish to visit, you can make an appointment with our Kechara friendly staff or our Pastors. Read this post to understand more about our pastors and what they do.

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 20

To the right of the Dorje Shugden are statues of the lineage lamas, Dorje Shugden’s previous lives and great masters I am connected to. You can scroll to the bottom of this post for the names.

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 21

To the left of Dorje Shugden are holy lineage lamas also as well as my teachers.

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 22

In this hall I have a special throne dedicated to my root guru His Holiness Kyabje Zong Rinpoche. This symbolizes I am indebted to him for his teachings passed to me as well as I am waiting for his visit in the future. The throne is ready for him when the time is right.

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 23

I also have a throne in this Wisdom Hall in Kechara Forest Retreat to Dorje Shugden. Dorje Shugden has been taking full trance of qualified oracles for the last four hundred years. When he does take trance of these specially trained oracles, he wears this special regalia. By tradition we have his regalia set up on the throne waiting for him.

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 24

This is the first time I have photos of this sacred Dorje Shugden taken. I have never had photos taken before nor published it. The amazing thing is right after taking the photographs a full rainbow with rich colors appeared in the clear sky over all of Kechara Forest Retreat. I take this to be a very good omen. Some of our students were present and were amazed at this auspicious omen that appeared to us.

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 25

As you can see the rainbow is perfectly over Kechara Forest Retreat land with Dorje Shugden’s Wisdom Hall to the right. I am pointing to the beautiful rainbow as I was inspired to see this. I thank everyone’s hard work for the auspicious manifestation of this spiritual abode blessed by great lamas, Buddhas and our Dharma protectors.

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 26

Behind on the hill is our office space. To the left are guest and staff quarters. To the right is Dorje Shugden’s Wisdom Hall. The sky is completely clear with rainbow.

Video of the auspicious rainbow!

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 27

One of our wonderful teachers and students of Kechara Forest Retreat. She is an expert in the Feldenkrais Method.

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 28

Pastor Gim Lee takes very good care of Wisdom Hall and is very devoted to dharma.

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 29

William is a kind, very helpful and giving individual. I’ve had great pleasure working in dharma with him. He was around to assist us with these pictures.

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 30

Pastor JJ in our Gyenze Chapel in Kechara Forest Retreat. He is helpful, kind and very caring.


Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 31

Close-up of Dorje Shugden’s entourage on our shrine in Wisdom Hall – The 8 Guiding Monks

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 32

Dorje Shugden’s entourage – The 9 Mothers


Dorje Shugden’s entourage – The 10 Youthful and Wrathful Assistants

The 8 Guiding Monks, 9 Mothers and 10 Youthful and Wrathful assistants just arrived the other day. We have completed painting them. They are done very well. We have many talented in-house artists in Kechara. We have offered these beautiful entourage statues on the Dorje Shugden shrine in Wisdom Hall. They are the assistants of Dorje Shugden.

The 8 Guiding Monks assist for the dharma to grow and understanding of the mind training teachings (Lojong) to be established. They bless the establishment to have sangha grow and holding of three sets of vows (Pratimoksha, Bodhicitta and Tantric). Of the 9 Mothers, five bless each of our senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch) and remaining four for controlling the elements (earth, air, water, fire) within our external environment and internally within our bodies. They also confer blessings to achieve tantric attainments. They give auspicious signs and omens along the way to encourage our practices. The 10 Youthful and Wrathful Assistants function to assist Dorje Shugden in tasks to remove obstacles in samsara for practitioners. They come from China, Tibet, Mongolia, Kashmir, India, Nepal, etc. They travel the formless, desire and form realms at the speed of thought. They have their functions but are also dispatched by Dorje Shugden to assist in various jobs.

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 34

Dorje Shugden Lineage Lamas and my teachers.

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 35

Lamas in the lineage of Dorje Shugden and also are my teachers.

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 36

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 37

Doing Dorje Shugden puja in Wisdom Hall

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 38

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 39

The entrance to Kechara Forest Retreat at night.

Dorje Shugden Terbesar di Dunia 40

The Vajra Yogini Stupa in Kechara Forest Retreat at night

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