Kechara Saraswati Arts has been officially in open !

Kechara Saraswati Arts (KSA) had their official opening! Around 50 Guests started arriving around 7.30pm. There were some already there from volunteering in one of the many different activities KSA hasÖmost were there to roll mantras for the new statues for the new gompa!! Hehe

There were finger foods of curry puffs, yam cakes, fries noodles, cupcakes contributed by friends of KSA. Friends and volunteers of KSA are very supportive of the department that they volunteer in. Paul Yap (Liaison and Head of Kechara Saraswati Arts and Kechara Discovery) gave a brief history of KSA and also thanked sponsors for the renovation. Datuk May Phng and Martin Chow were especially thanked for donating RM10k and RM 20k respectively, and Mr Raymond Chu for sponsoring a fridge

On behalf of KSA, Paul Yap gave them each a fruit basket for their generosity.
After the speech, the guests (together with KSA staff) all did the Lama Chopa together, where Tat Ming umze. The Chinese Setrap puja group then came over from Kechara House 2 to do a puja. Guests expressed how much they enjoyed it!

Previously, KSA was located on the first floor in SS2Öthey’re now on the ground floor of SunwayMas together with most of the other Kechara departments! Kechara departments continues to grow..grow..grow!! Hehe
Tsem Tulku

Kechara Saraswati Arts telah resmi di buka!


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