Kechara Oasis win awards HAPA

Although comparatively young next to the stalwarts of the Kuala Lumpur culinary scene, Kechara Oasis has received positive review after positive review. Their latest accolade is grabbing a spot in the Top 10 for Best Casual Dining Restaurant at the Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards 2010-2012 (HAPA)!

Established in 2002, the HAPA Awards is held on an annual basis, to support and recognise excellence within Asia’s evolving hospitality industry. Known as the Oscars of Hospitality, Malaysia and Singapore takes turn to host the event. This year it was in Malaysia! Held at Royale Chulan (which is at the heart of Kuala Lumpur city!), the proceeds from the tables bought went to Taman Megah’s Handicapped & Disabled Children’s Home.

The HAPA Awards committee prides itself on recognizing the crËme de la crËme of the hospitality industry at all levels. They recognize different establishments within the following categories: Department Awards, Restaurant Awards, Establishment Awards, Personalities Awards, Recognition Awards, Major Awards and Special Recognition & Major Awards.

Under Restaurant Awards, there are 7 different awards that were given out. Kechara Oasis came under HAPA Best Casual Dining Restaurants. They won as part of the Top 10!

Being only 2 years old, Kechara Oasis competed against well-established named restaurants in an intensive and potentially cut-throat industry. In a country where majority of the population are meat-eaters, Kechara Oasis proved that hanging out and being spotted at a vegetarian restaurant is both chic..and that the food WILL satisfy your taste buds!

Kechara Oasis has a wide range of vegetarian dishes on their menu. According to many Kecharians who eat there, the crowd favorite is ‘butter mushroom’ which is a crispy yummy deep-fried oyster mushroom with thick butter sauce drizzled generously over the top. They have plenty of signature and special recipes and dishes that resident chef, Chef Au, created.

HAPA surprised Ms. Irene Lim (Liaison and director of KO) when they nominated Kechara Oasis for the award earlier this year. She was notified via email, and expressed that she was happy just to be nominatedÖlittle did she know that Kechara Oasis would be in the Top 10, in Malaysia!

HAPA states that their goal for giving out such prestigious awards is that they are recognizing restaurants by, “Focusing on the people who strive ceaselessly to give guests a hospitality experience bar none, this (the award night) signature soiree has become a much-anticipated event for hoteliers as well as businesses who work with the hospitality industry..”. They are also “Dedicated to recognizing and rewarding people and establishments who have shown drive, dedication and passion for the hospitality industry..”. (Extracted from

Kechara Oasis meets HAPA’s requirements in terms of service, restaurant ambiance and food qualityÖhence they won the award. It’s not surprise that Kechara Oasis is in the Top 10 as not only would you not realize that their food has no meat in it, but there is no salt, MSG or gluten to make up for the lack of “flavour”!

Kechara Oasis makes vegetarian..or any type of cuisine..healthy, delicious, exciting and available to everyone. They provide a beautiful place where people of different walks of life can come together to enjoy a different culinary experience, which subtly promotes non-animal abuseÖwhy not eat good food in a nice place and save a few animals lives?
Tsem Tulku

Kechara Oasis memenangkan Penghargaan HAPA


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