Guru Yoga Lama Tsongkhapa

Guru Yoga Lama Tsongkhapa


From the heart of the Lord of the Gaden devas (Maitreya Buddha) emerges a brilliant white cloud, like a great mass of fresh yoghurt. Atop sits Tsongkhapa all knowing, King of Dharma; we request your coming to this place along with your great disciples.

Requesting to remain

My Lord Guru is seated before me upon a lion-throne, lotus and moon cushion. His body is white and he smiles blissfully. Please remain many eons and serve as the great merit field for the growth of my mind’s faith and for the increase of Lord Buddha’s teachings.

Prostration and praise

His omniscient wisdom-mind encompasses all that is existent. His voice is a profound teaching, which ornaments the ear of the fortunate pupil. His body’s beautiful radiance evokes wondrous admiration. To Lama Tsongkhapa whom merely viewing, hearing or contemplating earns one great merits, I make prostration.


I present to you, great field of merit, Tsongkhapa, beautiful offerings, water, a display of flowers, fragrant incense, butter-lamps, perfumes and more both physical and mental offerings, vast as the clouds and wide as the ocean.


The unwholesome actions of body, speech and mind, which I have committed over a measureless period, especially actions contrary to the three vows (Vinaya, Bodhisattva, Vajrayana), I regret extremely from the depths of my heart, and I reveal each and every such actions.


We totally rejoice in your magnificent achievements, my Lord, who received numerous teachings and performed the practices with utmost diligence, who abandoned the eight worldly objectives and made the most meaningful use of the eighteen opportune conditions during these degenerate times.

Request to turn the wheel of Dharma

All you holy Gurus, unerring in conduct, may you precipitate a rain of realization of Bodhicitta and Shunyata from the clouds of all knowing compassion which fills the Dharmakaya sky, providing for the field of disciples precisely what is needed.

Requesting to remain

May the Vajra body of Tsongkhapa created from the purity of clear light, free of the rising and setting of cyclic existence but visible to the ordinary viewer only in its unsubtle, physical form, stay on unchanging, without waning, until samsara ends.


May this merit accumulated by myself and others, beneficially serve all sentient beings and the Buddhadharma and especially may the essential teachings of the unerring master Tsongkhapa, become clear and enduring.



Je Tsongkhapa, crown jewel of the holy masters of the Land of Snows, you are Avalokiteshvara, great goldmine of Compassion untainted by ego’s delusion. You are Manjushri, great Master of stainless wisdom. You are Vajrapani, great subdue of all the gatherings of demons. At your feet, famed Lobsang Dragpa, I humbly bow and earnestly request that all sentient beings achieve Enlightenment.

Dissolving Je Rinpoche into ourselves

Dear worthy root Guru, please ascend the lotus seat atop of the head of myself and the other beings, and in your great kindness please remain with us. Bestow upon us the blessings of your body, speech, and mind.

Precious, noble, root Guru, please occupy the lotus seat within our hearts and in your great kindness remain with us. Please grant us your blessings for our temporal success and for the supreme attainment.

Beloved, noble, root Guru, please occupy the lotus seat within our hearts and in your great kindness remain with us. Please occupy the lotus seat within our hearts and in your great kindness remain with us. Please stay on until we achieve the great goal of ENLIGHTENMENT.


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