Kechara Indonesia Challange 2015, Climbing Mt. Agung in Bali

Kechara Indonesia voulenteer climbed Mt. Agung in Bali on 15-16th August 2015 to show their commitment to our charity work and fundraise for administrative and operational cosh.

The six voulenteer were Hau Shio Wei, Valentina Suhendra, Chee Hou, William Yong, Vincent Lim and Kyatmaja Lookman.They got up the peak of Mt. Agung which 3.142 meters from sea surface. This is the fourth mountains which Kechara Indonesia volunteers hike, after Mt. Peclet at France (2012), Mt. Semeru (2013), Mt. Rinjani (2014). We thank all volunteers who always support us in various ways. Al of they will be a motivation for us to keep our activities and share goodness for each other.


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