Kechara Indonesia Challenge 2015 – Gunung Agung, Bali

Tantangan Kechara Indonesia 2015 – Gunung Agung, Bali 1

Kechara Indonesia volunteers plan to climb Mt. Agung in Bali on 15-17 August 2015 to show their commitment to our charity work and to fundraise for Kechara Indonesia administrative and operation cost.

The tradition of doing fundraising challenges is not something new to Kechara Indonesia. In year 2012, after two years of doing our charity work on personal basis, a group of us decided to formalize our activities into a non-profit institution that we know today as Yayasan Kechara Indonesia. Thus, in order to formalize this, Valentina Suhendra, took a loan from Kechara Board of Director (BOD) in Malaysia, in the amount of IDR 70 million, to meet the minimum regulatory requirement of bank balance of IDR 100 million to form a Yayasan and because of this, we were able to sign our Yayasan deed on 15 June 2012.

Subsequent to this event, Kechara Indonesia committee discussed various ways to pay this loan and finally, Hau Shio Wei decided to climb Mt. Peclet in France in August 2012. She showed her commitment to our charity work and appealed to our friends and volunteers for donation so we can continue as a viable organization. The effort was successful and we were able to pay off our loan to Kechara BOD one week after Shio Wei reached the peak of Mt. Peclet. We were very much relief. Since then, Kechara Indonesia volunteers from all walk of life continue to show our commitment by doing various challenges at their own cost to sustain our activities such as running marathon, climbing Mt. Semeru in May 2013 and climbing Mt. Rinjani in September 2014.

Since our initiation, our activities and our help recipients and the variant of our activities have grown. The following are some of our achievements in year 2014 – 2015:

  • We distributed 400 food packages/ week in Kota Bambu Utara, Cipete and Petamburan
  • We sponsored hundreds of school uniforms, school stationery, spectacles, dry food packages among other things every year
  • 55 students that we sponsored have graduated and work. Currently, we are sponsoring 25 active students (from junior high school to college students)
  • We brought in sponsors to renovate children park and kindergarten to support government program to build a city that is decent for children (Kota Layak Anak)
  • We joined force with the government to help increase the welfare of our help recipients including an area famous for its drug users in Kota Bambu Selatan RW03

We have also become an award winning organization by being selected as one of the social pillars with achievement – Social Organization category in West Jakarta (year 2014 and 2015).

We are able to execute and sustain our activities because of the generosity of our sponsors and for that we are forever grateful.

As our activity grow, so is our operating administrative cost (e.g., transportation, gasoline, financial auditor, salary for Kechara Indonesia assistants who execute our day-to-day activities, food distribution, student sponsorship program, food bank program, etc.), thus in August 2015, a few of Kechara Indonesia volunteers decided to climb Mt. Agung in Bali in order to help cover some of Kechara Indonesia’s expenses. As per year ended 31 December 2014, our operating cost is IDR 465,529,764 (ref: Yayasan Kechara Indonesia audit report for year ended 31 December 2014).

With this Mt. Agung hiking project, we seek to cover some of year 2015 operating cost and raise IDR 60,000,000.-

Mt. Agung – The Highest Peak in Bali

Mount Agung or Gunung Agung is a mountain in Bali, Indonesia. This stratovolcano is the highest point on the island. It dominates the surrounding area, influencing the climate. The clouds come from the west and Agung takes their water so that the west is lush and green while the east dry and barren.

The Balinese believe that Mount Agung is a replica of Mount Meru, the central axis of the universe. One legend holds that the mountain is a fragment of Meru brought to Bali by the first Hindus. The most important temple on Bali, Pura Besakih, is located high on the slopes of Gunung Agung.[4]

Gunung Agung last erupted in 1963-1964 and is still active, with a large and very deep crater which occasionally belches smoke and ash. From a distance, the mountain appears to be perfectly conical, despite the existence of the large crater.

From the peak of the mountain, it is possible to see the peak of Mount Rinjani on the island of Lombok, although both mountains are frequently covered in clouds.


Voulenteers who will climbing mountain:

Tantangan Kechara Indonesia 2015 – Gunung Agung, Bali 2

  • Hau Shio Wei – the lead hiker

Shio Wei is the pioneer of Kechara Indonesia fundraising challenge. By showing her commitment to her friends and relatives to Kechara Indonesia charity work. She has been instrumental in ensuring the smoothness Yayasan Kechara Indonesia’s operations. She has previously climbed Mt. Peclet in France, Mt. Semeru in Java, Mt. Rinjani in Lombok for Yayasan Kechara Indonesia.

Tantangan Kechara Indonesia 2015 – Gunung Agung, Bali 3

  • Valentina Suhendra

Valentina is the founder of Yayasan Kechara Indonesia. She started the charity work by distributing 18 food packages in November 2010. Prior to starting Kechara Indonesia, Valentina lived a sedentary life. But after looking at her friend’s, Shio Wei determination, to secure the future of Kechara Indonesia, she started doing sporadic exercise prior to doing fundraising challenge for Kechara Indonesia. She has previously climb Mt. Semeru in Java island for Yayasan Kechara Indonesia.

Tantangan Kechara Indonesia 2015 – Gunung Agung, Bali 4

  • Chee Hou

Chee Hou has climbed Mt. Rinjani in September 2014 for YKI fundraising challenge. He found the experience exceptional. He would like to participate in Mt. Agung climbing challenge because helping other people makes him happy. Chee Hou wishes that with the fund accumulated from this hike, we can make a difference in other people’s lives.

Tantangan Kechara Indonesia 2015 – Gunung Agung, Bali 5

  • William Yong

William Yong has worked in Jakarta for several years. The experience gives him the opportunity to see a different side of the world where he can meet many under privilege people who need help. So he feels that it is about time for him to hike for a good cause and contribute back to society, with the hope that “Together, we can make a difference!”

Tantangan Kechara Indonesia 2015 – Gunung Agung, Bali 6


  • Vincent Lim


Vincent believes that hiking for charity is not just about raising money, but also raising awareness, showing commitment to a worthy cause. Vincent would like to broaden his horizon as a humanitarian and help the different walks of life. “We hope to inspire more people to join us next year as changing the world is a big impact and we need big effort!”


Tantangan Kechara Indonesia 2015 – Gunung Agung, Bali 7

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