Impression and Message From Student Who Have Sponsorship Program 2015

The three new students joining Yayasan Kechara Indonesia’s scholarship program.

In the beginning of April 2015, Kechara Indonesia together with KPMG funded three new scholarships: Ari Endang Pratama (SMK Muhamadiyah III), Ardianti Dwi Lestari (SMK Muhamadiyah III) dan Siti Nurwenda (SMK Muhamadiyah V), they are all on their third year of their vocational school (Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan / SMK) and will soon faces their graduation exam. A number of these students have outstanding educational loan dating back to early 2014, and this is a potential deterrent for their study. We hope with this help, these three students will be able to concentrate on their final exam, and can soon work to help their own family’s financially. We are also hoping that they can be someone who can contribute to the country and to the public in general.

These are some information and thoughts and messages from our new students:

Ari Endang Pratama
Degree: Accounting
School: SMK Muhamadiyah III (third year)

Ari is an only child from a construction worker with inconsistent income.

Impression : I am very glad to have received this help, as this will definitely help lighten my parents’ financial burden. Yayasan Kechara Indonesia has paid all my overdue tuition fee all the way to my graduation and with this I am able to focus more on the upcoming exam.
Message : To go on and never cease helping others who needed help. May Yayasan Kechara Indonesia continue to be successful.


Ardianti Dwi Lestari
Degree: Office administration
School: SMK Muhamadiyah III (third year)

Ardianti is the second child out of a family of five. Her father works as a handyman and her mother wash clothes for a living.

Impression : I am very grateful for the donors who have paid all my overdue schooling fee, I am happy and relieved because this help pushes me to learn even more.
Message : I hope this help does not stop with me and continue to help others even more.
Siti Nurwenda
Degree: Accounting
School: SMK Muhamadiyah V (third year)

She is the only child of a chicken noodle vendor. Her mother passed away on November 2014.

Impression : I am so glad that when I heard that I am the scholarship recipient from Yayasan Kechara Indonesia, and that they have paid my entire overdue school fee. I am happy that I can help my father’s financial burden. I am very grateful for the help and may Yayasan Kechara Indonesia more prosperous.
Message : My message is to continue to help many people, as there is a lack of people wanting to help out the needy.


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