When I Have No Anyone

Dear friends, I was instructed by one of my teachers years ago to do a book on my biography. I didn’t want to do it. I thought that my life was nothing exceptional at all. My teacher insisted. I couldn’t say “no” anymore although I am kind of embarrassed to talk about my life. Hence […]

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Sembako Distribution

Distribution in Palmerah district With the gracious help of the Palmerah district head, volunteers are able to distribute these packages in the district office, guarded by securities assuring a peaceful and safe distribution. Special thanks to registered social workers in Palmerah district who helped in identifying potential clients, allowing us to target eligible clients, and […]

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Stationery distribution

In the wake of school new year for student, we on July 2014 distribute stationaries about 500 packages to childrens at Palmerah (250 Packages), Karet (100 Packages) and Petamburan (150 Packages). 413 total views, no views today

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West Jakarta NGO Competition

YayasanKechara Indonesia was invited to compete in West Jakarta NGO competition. In this competition, we represented Palmerah district and competed with NGOs from six districts in West Jakarta. The competition consisted of a visit from Social Ministry to Kechara Indonesia’s office and a presentation of our activities. At the end, we obtained 3rd placement in […]

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Team Chubby’s Contribution

Team Chubby organized a Chubby on the Road event in April 2014 where the proceed of IDR 25 million went to Yayasan Kechara Indonesia food distribution fund. Over 100 people participated in this event. Thank you for the support team Chubby! 427 total views, no views today

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Kechara Indonesia Food Distribution Activity – July 2014

In July 2014, Yayasan Kechara Indonesia (“YKI”) executed weekly food distribution in Petamburan (150 Pakcages), Kota Bambu Utara (150 Packages), Cipete (50 Packages) and 40 complementary food for Elders at Kota Bambu Utara. During food distribution we received help from various community members. For example in Kota Bambu Utara we were helped by Registered Social […]

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Kyabje Zong Rinpoche Cut My Hair

This photo was taken at Thubten Dhargye Ling centre in Los Angeles in 1984. I had promised to take ordination and go to Gaden Monastery. HH Zong Rinpoche told me to live in his house(Zong Ladrang) in Gaden. I agreed to everything. HH Zong Rinpoche cutting a strand of my hair and blessing me as […]

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Short Story

[Written By Henry Ooi, Liaison to H.E. Tsem Rinpoche] Rinpoche was born in Taiwan when his mother (a Mongolian princess) and his father (an already-married Tibetan man) had an affair. Because his birth was illegitimate, and Rinpoche’s mother was a member of the royal family, she could not bear the reputation associated with an illegitimate […]

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A Rhyme To my Guru…

Alone With Memories (my actual poem) Sadness and loneliness are my forced friends, Living in lands forever foreign as I have no home….. 450 total views, no views today

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My Grandmother

My beloved grandmother, the Queen, Dechen Minh of Xianjiang. I miss her so much. Tsem Rinpoche (my grandmother) Translation Disclaimer from Tsem Rinpoche’s blog   This translation is the work of a third party translator external to the KecharaOrganisation. Should confusion arise in the interpretation of the Indonesian versions of the materials of this page, […]

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