Impressions and Message Student Who Received Sponsorship 2014

After receiving the happy news of our student’s graduation back in July, we have accepted new recipients for our scholarships, they are: Hera Apriyani, Lisda Nurfitriani, Larasati, M. Firmansyah, M. Rizal dan Nisa Sagita Aryani Putri. Below is their thought and message:

Hera Apriyani
School: Al Ikhsan secondary school
Impression : I am very grateful for the help provided. Thank you to the donor who has sponsor me. This help will lighten my parents’ burden.
Message : I hope that I can progress further, and will be able to help other kids who need financial help for their education.

Lisda Nurfitriani
School: (Perguruan Rakyat 2 vocational school) Computer Network major
Kesan : I am very thankful for this scholarship. I hope I can use it wisely.
Pesan : May this help continues, and more and more kids will be assisted.
School: (Muhammadiyah 3 vocational school) Accounting Major
Impression : I would like to say thank you very much for the help. Thank you as this scholarship minimizes my parents’ burden. I will study wholeheartedly.
Message : May this assistance lives on, and more lives can be helped.
M. Firmansyah
School: (Joshua vocational school) Office Administration Major
Impression : Thanks you for the scholarship that was given to me. I hope to be able to use it well and will be diligent in my study.
Message  : Keep it going, and hopefully more kids will be able to be assisted.
M. Rizal
m rizal
School: Joshua secondary school
Message : I am very grateful to the donor who has provided me this scholarship. I can go to school without being a liability to my parents.
Message : May you be successful always, and help more children in need.
Nisa Sagita Aryani Putri
nisa sagita
School: (Yadika 2 vicational school) Office Administration major
Impression : I was not expecting to be the recipient of this scholarship. I am very thankful because this has lighten my parents’ burden, and I can be educated. I will take my study seriously.
Message : I hope that the activities done will grow and more and more people will be helped through Kechara
We sincerely hope that all the scholarship recipients will be able to study well until their graduation. Thank you to the donors who have volunteers to help the kids financially.


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