Impression and Message From Student Who Get Sponsorship Until Graduate

In December 2013, we helped three students who had difficulties in paying their school tuition. One of them Nur Humairoh, had not paid the tuition due to her family’s economic limitation. With this assistance, Kechara Indonesia hopes that they can concentrate on their study to prepare for national exam and graduate from their respective school in June 2014.

The students who received assistance:

Nur Humairoh
School: SMK Said Naum
grade: 3rd Grade Accounting
Humairoh goes to school with a lot of difficulties due to economic limitation. The tuition amount that needed to be paid were quite considerable due to accumulation from the previous two years. Nur’s father work as parking attendant in Benhil area. Nur Humairoh and her family are currently staying in her grandmother’s house.
Impression : I am very thankful to the sponsors who have helped me, because I don’t know where to get the money to pay for my considerable overdue tuition.
Message : For the sponsors to always help students with considerable amount overdue so they do not need to quit school.
Farahdella Putri (SMK Muhammadiyah V; 3rd Grade Accounting) and Farahdilla Putri (SMK Muhammadiyah V; 3rd Grade Marketing)
Farahdella (Della) and Farahdilla (Dilla) are twin sisters. Their father left them since they sit in kindergarten. Their mother now live in Serang with two of their siblings. Currently, Della and Delli stay with their grandparents. Their tuition were being paid for by their stepfather. However, for the last few months, their stepfather left them without news and halted their tuition payment. For daily sustenance, they are depended on their grandfather who are working as electronic serviceman. Sometimes, their relatives also help to cover their daily necessities.
Message and impression from Farahdella:
Impression : I am touched, happy and have mix feeling when I obtained this assistance. This assistance means a lot to me. My parents’ burden are also lighten. I hope this assistance will motivate me to increase my academic achievements.
Message : I hope this assistance can continue and developed further as real work (in the form of care). I [will] strive [to] study harder.
Message and impression from Farahdilla:
Impression : I am very thankful to the sponsors who helped me. Because of you, I can go to school without burden, without having to think how I will pay my tuition. I will continue my study until graduation. I am very thankful to you.
Message : I hope there will be more students that will get assistance from you. [I] will get good grades, study hard and will not waste your help.


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