Impression and Message From Student Who Get Sponsorship Until Graduate

In December 2013, we helped three students who had difficulties in paying their school tuition. One of them Nur Humairoh, had not paid the tuition due to her family’s economic limitation. With this assistance, Kechara Indonesia hopes that they can concentrate on their study to prepare for national exam and graduate from their respective school […]

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Kechara Indonesia Food Distribution Activity – December 2013

In December 2013, Yayasan Kechara Indonesia (“YKI”) executed weekly food distribution in Petamburan (150 Pakcages), Kota Bambu Utara (150 Packages), Cipete (50 Packages) and 40 complementary food for Elders at Kota Bambu Utara. During food distribution we received help from various community members. For example in Kota Bambu Utara we were helped by Registered Social […]

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Overview 10 Student Who Get Ad Hoc Sponsorship From KPMG

In November, we collaborated with KPMG Indonesia again. This time, we get together to provide ad hoc student assistance to 10 students selected by KPMG PPC team. Ad hoc assistance is one-off in nature and aimed to reduce the amount overdue owed by the students until certain period. Those who received this assistance are: Ade […]

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Impression and Message From Students Who Graduate 2013

Shenna Fhaizah Fauziah School: SMKN 19 Impression : Alhamdulillah, thank you to Ms./ Mr. Who have helped me to lighten our tuition because without you, it would have been a small chance for me to pay for school administration cost. Message : Hopefully, the effort to help less fortunate children will continue Yuni Wahyu Ambarwati […]

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Sembako Distribution July 2013

As the replacement for weekly food distribution in July, we distributed 130 sembako packages to 130 families who need it in Pertamburan area. Each of the sembako package contains 3.5 kg rice, instant noodle, condensed sweetened milk, sugar, biscuits, syrup, and cooking oil. With a good coordination with the residents, this activity went on smoothly. […]

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Mass vaccination program July 2013

In July 2013, we executed tyhoid mass vaccination program where we sponsored typhoid vaccination for 30 people. The vaccination itself were executed on 15 and 18 July 2013. This activity went on smoothly with the help of Dr. Siswadji Ganardi. 582 total views, 1 views today

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The Challenge of climbing Semeru Mountain

Menjalankan tantangan untuk tujuan baik – Kechara Indonesia di Gunung Semeru Latar belakang Pada bulan Februari 2013 yang lalu, sekelompok sukarelawan yang berkomitmen dari Kechara Indonesia memutuskan untuk mengambil tantangan mendaki puncak tertinggi di pulau Jawa (3,676, mdpl) untuk menunjukan komitmen kami terhadap tujuan dan mengumpulkan dana yang dibutuhkan untuk mendukung berbagai aktivitas amal kami […]

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Impression and Message From Students Who Received Sponsorship 2013

Name: Mutia Kusdianti School: SMP Muhammadiyah 6 Impression : I am really happy with this assistance, and I thank the sponsor very much for this assistance. Message : This assistance really help me. Thank you to the sponsor Name: Dinda School : SDN 03 Impression : I am really happy with this assistance, because it […]

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Renunciation of by Lama Yeshe

Nov 17, 2011 Dear student and friends, I wanted to share this article about Renunciation by Lama Yeshe with all of you as it is so well explained. One can hugely benefit from reading and contemplating on teachings such as those below… As Lama Yeshe says, renunciation does not mean that you throw away all […]

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Fundraising Challenge Kechara Indonesia: Conquered Mountain Sumeru

When someone takes on a challenging physical activities (e.g., Marathon, mountain climbing) to raise fund for a cause, that person showed his or her commitment to his/ her cause and inspire his/ her friends to donate to the cause he/ she is believe in. For this purpose, five volunteers of Kechara Indonesia will take on […]

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