Impression and Message From Hendra dan Deni

Hendra Impression : I am very happy for the assistance that I received from Kechara Indonesia to help pay for our tuition. Thank you for the assistance. Message : I hope this assistance will continue without obstacle, I hope I can continue to college and achieve my dream. 1,131 total views, no views today

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Blood Donation

The Treasurer of Yayasan Kechara Indonesia, Imelda Elisabeth initiated a blood donation event together with his friends at the alumni of Santa Ursula. To support this event, Kechara Indonesia bring a few volunteers to donate their blood. Thank you for all the support that we received so far. 655 total views, no views today

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Two Boys with Hernia

In September 2012, we worked together with Yayasan Hayandra Peduli to provide surgery to two boys that were suffering from Hernia. The parents told us that these two boys always cried out in pain whenever they are tired or overwhelmed with activities. Since the surgeries were executed, these two boys are healthy and their previous […]

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Used Clothes Distribution to Fire Victims

This month, we also give assistance in the form of used clothes that we have been gathering from friends to the recent fire victims in Karet Bivak area. One of out students, Listiani Dewi is one of the victims. She informed us that all her worldly belonging had been lost in fire. 662 total views, no […]

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Shio Wei’s Challenge in Mt. Peclet, France

Our very own Kechara Indonesia committee, Hau Shio Wei undertook a challenge in climbing Mt. Peclet, France. This challege is purported to fund raise for Kechara Indonesia’s administrative need. During her training and climbing execution, Shio Wei has shown a lot of courage and determination. We are proud to be her friends. 655 total views, no […]

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Vitamin Distribution for Children

During the month of June 2012, we obtained a considerable amount of children vitamin for distribution. We distributed these vitamins to the orphanages, institutions for children with special needs, schools, and hospitals. 687 total views, no views today

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Students who graduate in school year July 2011- June 2012

Introduction : This month, eight students under our student sponsorship program graduated. This is a happy occassion for all of us. It is very heartwarming to see them complete their education and move on with their lives. We met them first in various unfortunate circumstances, but they sure have gone beyond few obstacles in their […]

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Uniform Distribution

Due to overwhelming request about the need of school uniforms, we decided to sponsor the purchase of school uniforms to our clients’ children. We hope that this program will support schooling activities and boost the clients’ spirit to continue their study. 665 total views, no views today

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Message and Impression Ferdi Yudiman

Ferdi Yudiman I am Ferdi Yudiman from MANGGALA vocational school, Ciledug. My impression is this school tuition financial assistance really helps me. In addition to reducing my parents’ burden, I can continue my study at school. Because to me school is a window of life that can change my family’s lives and my own, however, […]

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Distribution of Deworming Medication and Vitamins

By the end of March 2012, KECHARA INDONESIA distributed 65 deworming medication and 27 Univit children vitamins to the children in Kober and Karet Bivak bridge.These deworming medication and vitamins are distributed to 92 children (3-6 years old).   834 total views, no views today

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