Message and Impression

Imas Handayani SMK BPS&K.1 Setelah saya lulus sari SMK BPS&K, saya merasa sangat senang bisa lulus dan bersyukur banget bisa sekolah sampai tamat. Banyak di luar sana yang tidak sekolah karena biaya, maka dari itu saya banyak-banyak berterima-kasih. Kepada Ibu Donatur yang selama ini membiayai sekolah saya hingga lulus, hari ini banyak pengalaman tentang arti […]

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[A deed charity] is not between you and the recipient

Dear friends, When you practice generosity at first, it is about you and the recipient. How the recipient responds greatly affect your motivation to do more or less… in the beginning I stress. Everyone likes to be appreciated of course. 396 total views, no views today

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Suffering is my Protector

How many years have gone by, pursuing this and that empty of tangibility, Yet all I have is a sense of voidness dancing in the peripherals of my thoughts, In the past I always had a warm lover by my side, now my companion is exchanged for sickness, I was handsome and well spoken, all […]

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During my birthday in 2010, two studentís of mine from Indonesia surprised me with a lovely birthday present: Betsy Ciaptura and Valentina Suhendra felt that my teachings, especially those regarding Lama Tsongkhapaís, were helpful in their lives and that they had benefited in some way. It made such an impact in their lives that they […]

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Kechara’s 13 Departments (Part2)

Part 2 – 7 Departements Kechara House Kechara Lounge Kechara Soup Kitchen Tsem Ladrang Kechara Oasis Kechara Paradise Kechara World Peace Centre Kechara House Department Kechara House is the Dharma centre and the heart of the Kechara organisation. Kechara is named after the heaven of one of the highest tantric female Buddha Vajrayogini and is […]

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Rumah Kechara / Kechara House (Part 1)

A lot of new people who first visit Kechara or just heard about Kechara get quite confused about how many departments there areÖor where they can contribute and volunteer! hehe There are 13 departments in Kechara OrganizationÖall of them are extensions of my interests and I have seen them open and grow over the past […]

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Medical Sponsorship February 2011

This month, we also expand our services to sponsoring medical services for our clients. We sponsored five clients who suffered from various illness such as fever, coughing, skin diseases, etc. Most of the recipients of medical assistance sponsorship are our clients from Karet Bivak Bridge. Dr. Siswadji Ganardi, who have helped me in various charity […]

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