Message and Impression From New Student

Fitrah Habibi SMKN 19 Multimedia Hopefully in the future such assistance will continue and be extended to the other children who are less fortunate. I am really grateful to the sponsor for this assistance. [I] hope you will be granted adequate prosperity. 447 total views, no views today

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Amazing True Story To Read

How would you feel seeing your father working day in day out late at night…winter… summer… and living off simple foods, only to give his hard earned cash to others? How would you feel seeing your father working day in day out late at night…winter… summer… and living off simple foods, only to give his […]

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Gifts for the Kober Ladies

To show our appreciation to the six ladies in Kober who always ready to help us in gathering data and executing our distribution. We gave each of them: One t-shirts One shawl 7 kg of raw rice 1 bottle of syrup 1 package of sugar 1 package of cooking oil 455 total views, no views today

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School stationery distribution

Our school stationery distribution was executed on 2 July 2011. This activity was resulted from several weeks of planning and coordination. From searching the vendors who would give us the best prices, the logistics of delivering the school stationery, wrapping the school stationeries into individual packages, and the distribution itself. Our special thanks to Kechara […]

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Ad Hoc Sponsorship Program

In the month of May – June 2011, YKI launched a program to provide ad hoc financial assistance for the selected students in need. We are happy that among these students who received our ad hoc assistance to help pay their amount overdue in their respective school, four of them have received pledged sponsorship until their […]

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An incredible speech of failure

Dear Blog friends, I came across this speech by J.K Rowling (author of Harry Potter) and was amazed. There’ s much wisdom, Dharma, insight and very beneficial advice if we embrace it. Reading it has helped me today. I will read it again and again from time to time. I really like it. I wanted […]

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Hardship Pushes us to the top (korea)

You know the old adage, hardship really pushes us to the top… Well in the case of this inspirational young man from Korea, it really is true. It is true for many. When you are left to your own and have no recourse, you either push, work, push, work and make it or the harsh […]

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Mass Vaccination June 2011

Kechara Indonesia executed the mass vaccination event again for the students that are assisted by Kechara Indonesia. This event is a continuation of the vaccination program that we executed in January 2011. Kechara Indonesia was assisted by Dr. Siswadji Ganardi. 816 total views, 1 views today

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Question on Jealousy.

Jealousy makes you unsettled, have no peace, be unhappy and act in ways that make you deteriorate and be alone. How can you be jealous of other people who work hard and do well? They deserve their efforts and they ‘make’ you upset because they remind you of what you’re not willing to do. How […]

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Collection Used Clothes

Thank you for the used clothes that we have received so far. We are still collecting these used clothes collection until mid June 2011. 401 total views, no views today

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