Overcome fear and depression

Who doesn’t have fears? Everyone does. The secret is we also have COURAGE. Focus on courage and the fear WILL DIMINISH for sure. FULFILLING PROMISES BUILDS INTEGRITY.

“I can’t fly but I can take an airplane. I’m not omniscient, BUT I WILL TRY THE BEST I CAN AND GET IT DONE.”

My world crashed down in my teens, MY GURU H.H. ZONG RINPOCHE PASSED AWAY. I was in L.A. but I honoured my promises to Him anyways. Honouring my promises to Kyabje Zong Rinpoche literally took my life in another direction – from Los Angeles to Gaden in India. And I’m glad I did it.

If you’re hurt by the truth, be grateful. Hiding behind lies is even more painful. Anyway, it’s not the truth itself that hurts, it is not living in it. How do we overcome fear? By continuing to do what is right, again, again and again. Doing the right thing shouldn’t create fear. Accumulated wrongs are what creates fears; wrong action is the culprit. Doing the right thing isn’t the pain factor, it is the fears not wanting to come out that is the problem.

Causes that make up the ‘truth’ can be changed. Hence the truth can be changed. Nothing is permanent and solid. So relax and don’t be too caught up. Knowing things can change because everything is not solid and real can make you have hope.

We don’t have to climb Mt. Everest to inspire others. Sometimes just being ourselves, trying our best and getting to top of a hill is enough. People like to make others feel that they are not good enough. Why? Because that’s what they are saying about themselves. Don’t hate them, pity them. Some people may take advantage of your kindness but that isn’t a good reason to stop. Don’t forget those that appreciate it also.

The first step out of depression is to realise that you do have control. Nothing is random, unchangeable or unresolvable. Realising that is the first step. Making others feel bad so you can feel good is illogical. If that was true, then they should do the same to you. How does everyone end up then?? Putting people down who are not the same ‘level’ as you just shows your insecurity. That arises from deep fear. Fear comes from selfishness again.

Why harm others? It doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t benefit them or you. But it makes sense to benefit others. It helps them and you. If you have no fear of pain, suffering, bad luck, disasters, separation, loneliness and depression then DO HARM TO OTHERS continuously.

When people try to hurt you, think why is it that they CAN hurt you? If you don’t allow it, they lose their power to hurt you. YOU ARE IN CONTROL. What makes you feel hurt is your wrong perceptions and illusions about another. Just look at people for who they are and not through your expectations. Expectations are good if your mind is free of wrong perceptions. Until then just be patient, accepting and take it easy.

Unless you’re enlightened, your perceptions will always be flawed. Hence practising patience with others and YOURSELF is extremely important. Relaxing doesn’t mean not doing anything about it. It just means to be aware, understand and learn without reacting which leads to regrets later. You can relax in any situation if you understand the true deceptions in samsara. The nature of existence in samsara is always sufferings eventually. Because the karma to keep it fueled and running is ignorance. Our delusions make us think, act and react in such a way that more negative circumstances are repeated again and again.

Keep your fears if they are useful. If not, why keep them? Better to move on, try something new and ‘fail’, and then try again. You’ll make it one day. The only person you need to listen to is yourself. So if you tell yourself you’re good enough to be honest, kind and loving, then just believe yourself. You don’t have to listen to others when they put you down. Why? Because they don’t know you as well as you know yourself.

So believe yourself and not your negativities.



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