Modern life who Cheats

The following is a compilation of messages composed by His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche on Twitter.

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When you give, you get back more than you can imagine. We get love, respect, support, loyalty, and care to the end ONLY IF WE GIVE IT. Start now! Perform every action free of the eight worldly dharmas.

Teaching Dharma is 100% based on speech. If your speech is not clear and honest, the lineage is broken. If you are a Dharma teacher, relying strongly on your Dharma protector will make your teachings more effective.

Getting things easily is not a good sign. Kensur Rinpoche said it is a sign of bad karma. It’s like being in the god realm.

Buddhism is universal. It encompasses every type of mind. Wisdom is the direct opponent of the selfish mind. When you make offerings to Manjushri, that wisdom is a direct counter to obstacles that arise due to selfishness.

Life’s conveniences help us collect more negative karma. It increases our desire. Those without wisdom would say that life is better nowadays. Actually, modern life has more opportunity to collect negative karma.

If people have to push you, remind you, it means you’re not doing Dharma. Any action related to the Buddhas of wisdom is an immediate antidote to the selfish mind. When you choose friends, family and relationships over Dharma, it is an excuse to indulge your selfish mind.

Tsem Tulku

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