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The following is a compilation of messages composed by His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche on Twitter.

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Dear Everyone,

I admire, respect and feel close to people who don’t take NO for answer and rise above their fears, selfishness, and their poor me attitude. Maybe it’s because I had to go through so much and had no one to listen to my poor me stories and just had to make it…

In life, never make the same mistakes more than twice. Don’t blame others because that makes karma not exist… and it does exist. It’s your enemy and also your friend.

Never find faults in others to cover your own. Don’t try to distract the attention. It doesn’t work!

When you know what’s wrong with you, don’t ask how to improve, just do it ONE DAY AT A TIME!

Remember working in dharma, you’re protected NO MATTER WHAT. You have it real good now and as for what’s not good, MAKE IT GOOD! Do it! Just do it already.

Time doesn’t stand still. Win!

Tsem Rinpoche

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