Blame and comfort zone

The following is a compilation of messages composed by His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche on Twitter.

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The Blaming Zone

Blaming others is denial of karma. Stop, remain quiet and take responsibility already if you want to move on. Denial is another form of the selfish mind saying you want others to pretend with you.

Blaming others without doing anything about yourself is just another procrastination tactic. Stop. I can be more if everyone else does it for me. It doesn’t make sense that way.

Suffering only stops when you realise nothing is real. When we think dying is easier than living, we are innately looking for a shortcut that doesn’t exist. Instead, we should engage in serious tantric practice to counter degenerate times.

Complaining or blaming is for those people who’ve never heard of karma. Acceptance means to let others do as they like as long as they are not harmful in intent or result. Check your motivation always.

Whatever people say or do, we should stick firm to our purpose or goals. When we are successful, they will be silent.

The Comfort Zone

Truth is denied when we choose to stay in our comfort zone. Comfort zones are the biggest enemy to success. The BIGGEST ENEMY to spiritual growth. The real enemy as to why we defend and protect ourselves unnecessarily.

Comfort zones is our holding onto selfishness pretending not to see the needs of others and our responsibilities. Comfort zones should never take precedence over our loved ones and our honour.

If I wish to not push myself to be more, then I must learn to accept failure and never blame others.

Tsem Tulku

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