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The following is a compilation of messages composed by His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche on Twitter.
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How you think when you wake up today determines the karma you open today.

You shouldn’t be afraid of any situation. Everything encountered is due to the fact we created the causes. No one is to be blamed. Being overly scared is ego. Being overly happy is ego. Ego makes us extreme and we suffer. Being neither is nirvana. Samsara doesn’t make you suffer; it is you contributing to samsara that makes you suffer. Inner renunciation is the key.

Blaming others means you don’t accept karma which is fundamental to advancing in one’s practice.

If you accept karma completely, you will take full responsibility for your life. Then anger and blame lessens dramatically.

If you enjoy being embarrassed and despised then take ANGER as your consort.

If you love being insecure then keep hiding your faults and mistakes. You’re the smartest person in existence, no one can see through your game, so keep all your delusions.

If compassion was not THE essential factor, then Shakyamuni would be in anger management therapy.

If having right view of existence was not all important, Manjushri would be in the unemployment line.

Dear Shakyamuni, Can I eat meat, keep my anger, don’t let others win, have a big ego, lie, be sneaky and still become enlightened?

My thinking on self indulgence where it leads is to bitterness. The amount of compassion you have is what MATTERS.

Without real effort towards the generation of unconditional compassion, all practices will not reach fruition.

The results of your practice can be gauged by how spontaneous and effortless your compassion is. It is how much you give of yourself to others.

If you are compassionate, you will always win in the end even if you don’t want toÖ so let others win.


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