Interview with Mrs. Nusurah

Wawancara dengan Ibu Nusuroh

Name: Nusuroh S.Pd
Occupation: Teacher at SMKN 19
Interview date: 15 October 2010

How were the conditions of the students prior to receiving helps from the sponsors?

I think, economically they were lacking, attitude wise, they were good, and their academic achievements are quite good as well.

What did the sponsors do for the students selected for student sponsorship program?

The sponsors provide financial assistance to settle the students’ amount overdue and related school administration fee.

What are the benefits and progress that results from this student sponsorship program?

The progress [for this batch] is not apparent yet because the academic reports for this semester have not been distributed yet. The benefits resulted from this program is the students are motivated to study and come to school.

What are your hopes with regard to the future of this student sponsorship program?

The school hopes that the financial assistance can be extended to other students who still need help and this cooperation can continue.

What are your message and impression with regard to this student sponsorship program?

Message: The students should strive to maintain their academic achievements and improving their behavior.
Impression: very good especially to the sponsors, because [they] give help sincerely without hidden motives.

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